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Unitary Patent (UPC) Died Along With the Credibility of Managing IP and the Rest of the UPC Lobby

It is pretty astounding that Team UPC (collective term for people who crafted and lobby for this illegal construct) is still telling us lies, even in the absence of underlying supportive facts, and pressure groups disguised as "news sites" latch onto anything to perpetuate an illusion of progress (even in the face of a growing number of major barriers)

IRC Proceedings: Friday, December 06, 2019

IRC logs for Friday, December 06, 2019

Links 7/12/2019: Fedora 31 Elections Results, Lots of Media Drama Over VPN Bug

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Fedora program update: 2019-49

Here’s your report of what has happened in Fedora this week. The elections have ended. Congratulations to the winning candidates. Announcements Help wanted Upcoming meetings Releases CPE update Announcements Orphaned packages seeking maintainers Fedora Atomic Host is nearing end of life. Long term FTBFS packages will be retired in February. CfPs Conference Location Date CfP […] The post Fedora program update: 2019-49 appeared first on Fedora Community Blog.

A Guide to Kubernetes Etcd: All You Need to Know to Set up Etcd Clusters

Learn more about how etcd is a distributed database that co-align with distributed Kubernetes clusters from Sagar Nangare. The post A Guide to Kubernetes Etcd: All You Need to Know to Set up Etcd Clusters appeared first on Superuser.

Links 6/12/2019: DRM in GNU/Linux and Sparky Bonsai

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The EPO Rejects Innovation

The EPO ceased caring about the needs of scientists whose work involves invention; instead, EPO management crafts increasingly lenient guidelines that yield illegal European Patents (not compatible with the EPC) that heavily-besieged EPO judges are unable to stop

Startpage CEO Robert Beens in ‘Damage Control’ Mode, Trying to Get Startpage Relisted After Selling to a Massive Surveillance Company

PrivacytoolsIO is being lobbied by the CEO of Startpage to relist Startpage, based on no actual refutations at all

IRC Proceedings: Thursday, December 05, 2019

IRC logs for Thursday, December 05, 2019

Librem 5 on the Free Software Foundation’s Ethical Tech Gift Giving Guide

The Free Software Foundation (FSF), like Purism believe in promoting worldwide user freedoms. The FSF have been championing people’s software freedom rights for 34 years and have created the guidelines and compliance that most of the free software world relies on. This is why we are so proud that our operating system, PureOS, has previously […] The post Librem 5 on the Free Software Foundation’s Ethical Tech Gift Giving Guide appeared first on Purism.

Links 5/12/2019: qBittorrent 4.2.0, Expensive Librem 5 and OpenBSD Bugs

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Charles-Antoine Couret : Résultats des élections de Fedora 12/19

Comme je vous le rapportais il y a peu, Fedora a organisé des élections pour renouveler partiellement le collège de ses organes FESCo, Mindshare et Council. Le scrutin est comme toujours un vote par valeurs. Nous pouvons attribuer à chaque candidat un certain nombre de points, dont la valeur maximale est celui du nombre de candidat, et le minimum 0. Cela permet de montrer l'approbation à un candidat et la désapprobation d'un autre sans ambiguïté. Rien n'empêchant de voter pour deux candidats avec la même va[..]

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Android’s ‘Focus Mode’ exits beta, adds new scheduling features OnePlus Delivers Speedy Android Update Dash Taking Over in Venezuela as Active Android Wallet Use Rises 400% in 7 Months Here’s how to take full page screenshots on Android smartphones Android Circuit: Disappointing Galaxy Leak, Nokia 2.3 Launches, New OnePlus 5G, Motorola’s Insane Hyper Camera Android Circuit: Second Galaxy S11 Leaks, Motorola’s Hyper Camera, New OnePlus 7T Pro 5G Sony Xperia just got a colossal Android upgrade: here's everyth[..]

Canonical Announces Ubuntu AWS Rolling Linux Kernel for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS AMIs

Until now, the Ubuntu images for AWS (Amazon Web Services) have been using a normal Linux kernel that was updated whenever a new security update was available. With the new rolling model, the kernel in the Ubuntu AWS images gets all the latest fixes, performance tweaks, and security patches from upstream, as soon as they are available. "The Ubuntu rolling kernel model provides the latest upstream bug fixes and performance improvements around task scheduling, I/O scheduling, networking, hypervisor guests and[..]

Getting started with the GNOME Linux desktop

The GNOME project is the Linux desktop's darling, and deservedly so. It began as the free and open desktop alternative to proprietary options (including KDE at the time), and it's been going strong ever since. GNOME took GTK+, developed by the GIMP project, and ran with it, developing it into a robust, all-purpose GTK framework. The project has pioneered the user interface, challenging preconceptions of what a desktop "should" look like and offering users new paradigms and options. GNOME is widely available[..]

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Arm Server CPUs: You Can Now Buy Ampere's eMAG in a Workstation Avantek offers the system with three optional graphics cards: AMD FirePro W2100, a Radeon Pro WX 5100, and the NVIDIA Quadro GV100. OS options are variants of Linux: Ubuntu, CentOS, SUSE SLES, and openSUSE. A General Notification Queue Was Pushed Back From Linux 5.5 Introduction Red Hat has been working on a "general notification queue" that is built off the Linux kernel's pipe code and will notify the user-space of events like key/keyring chan[..]

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Ardour Digital Audio Workstation Finally Adds Native MP3 Importing Support While lossy compression audio formats like MP3 are not recommended for use within professional audio tasks, for those using the open-source Ardour digital audio workstation (DAW) software as of today there is finally native MP3 import support. Obviously it's better working with lossless audio formats as source material for Ardour and other digital audio workstation software suites, but given how common MP3 content is, there certainly[..]

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Copying files into a container at run time How to Automatically Disconnect Idle or Inactive SSH Sessions After Five Minutes of Inactivity Potential pitfalls with multi-NIC and cloud-netconfig PenTesting: Gaining Root Privileges on Kioptrix Read only rootfs read more

Programming: Kotlin, Python and More

Android’s commitment to Kotlin When we announced Kotlin as a supported language for Android, there was a tremendous amount of excitement among developers. Since then, there has been a steady increase in the number of developers using Kotlin. Today, we’re proud to say nearly 60% of the top 1,000 Android apps contain Kotlin code, with more and more Android developers introducing safer and more concise code using Kotlin. During this year’s I/O, we announced that Android development will be Kotlin-first, and we[..]

Former Oracle product manager says he was forced out for refusing to deceive customers. Now he's suing the biz

A former Oracle employee filed a lawsuit against the database giant on Tuesday claiming that he was forced out for refusing to lie about the functionality of the company's software. The civil complaint [PDF], filed on behalf of plaintiff Tayo Daramola in US District Court in San Francisco, contends that Oracle violated whistleblower protections under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Dodd-Frank Act, the RICO Act, and the California Labor Code. According to the court filing, Daramola, a resident of Montreal, Ca[..]

Debian Developers Take To Voting Over Init System Diversity

It's been five years already since the vote to transition to systemd in Debian over Upstart while now there is the new vote that has just commenced for judging the interest in "init system diversity" and just how much Debian developers care (or not) in supporting alternatives to systemd. Due to Debian developers having differing opinions on handling non-systemd bugs in 2019 and the interest/commitment to supporting systemd alternatives in the scope of Debian packaging and various related friction points, th[..]

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YouTube Music can handle gapless playback on the web and Android YouTube Music gapless playback arrives on Android and the web Android Vulnerability Exposes Almost All Apps To Attacks Security Expert Comments On VPN Bug Lurks In iOS, Android, Linux Distros, MacOS, FreeBSD And OpenBSD 'Hidden' Android apps pose big problem for developers 6 cool, new things your next Android phone could do Google Reaffirms Commitment To Kotlin Programming Language For Android Android’s commitment to Kotlin Nokia 9 PureView be[..]

Games: Wine 5.0 Code Freeze, The Humble Choice and Tropico 6

Wine 5.0 Code Freeze To Begin Next Week As expected by Wine's annual release cadence, next week Wine 5.0 will enter its code freeze followed by release candidates until this next stable Wine release is ready to ship around early 2020. Wine project leader Alexandre Julliard shared that following next week's development release will mark the expected code freeze season for Wine 5.0. Wine 4.22 will be out one week from today and the last point by which Wine developers can land any features they want to see in [..]

Audiocasts/Shows: Kubernetes Podcast, Linux Headlines and Marcel Gagne

When you're in the release team, you're family: the Kubernetes 1.16 release interview It is a pleasure to co-host the weekly Kubernetes Podcast from Google with Adam Glick. We get to talk to friends old and new from the community, as well as give people a download on the Cloud Native news every week. It was also a pleasure to see Lachlan Evenson, the release manager for Kubernetes 1.16, win the CNCF “Top Ambassador” award at KubeCon. We talked with Lachie when 1.16 was released, and as is becoming a traditi[..]

Proprietary Dangers: Microsoft Entrapment and Open Automation Software

Canonical makes Ubuntu for Windows SubSystem for Linux a priority [Ed: GNU/Linux volunteers worked hard to make an alternative to Windows and now comes Ubuntu helping Microsoft make it just an "app" or a "feature" of Windows, with Windows-only "extensions"] Ubuntu was the first Linux supported by WSL on Windows 10. Since then, many other Linux distros have appeared on WSL. These include Debian, Fedora, Kali, openSUSE, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), and the WSL-specific distribution, PengWin. Now, [..]

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How to Install Fonts on Ubuntu How to setup SUSE Manager in AWS server How to fix “sub process usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code 1″ Error in Ubuntu Removing and Disabling Modular RPMs on Fedora How to Install Joomla with Nginx on Ubuntu 18.04 read more

Ubuntu: AWS, Podcast, Robotics and Snapcraft

Ubuntu Blog: Introducing the Ubuntu AWS Rolling Kernel The linux-aws 4.15 based kernel, which is the default kernel in the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS AMIs, is moving to a rolling kernel model. [...] The Ubuntu rolling kernel model provides the latest upstream bug fixes and performance improvements around task scheduling, I/O scheduling, networking, hypervisor guests and containers to our users. Canonical has been following this model in other cloud environments for some time now, and have found it to be an excellent [..]

Security: Cyber Security Today, Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (OWE) and Latest Patches

Cyber Security Today – An email gift card scam, please stop re-using passwords and more open data found on Amazon storage Welcome to Cyber Security Today. It’s Friday December 6th. I’m Howard Solomon, contributing reporter on cyber security for NetworkManager Adds Support For Enhanced Open / Opportunistic Wireless Encryption Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (OWE) provides a means of encrypting wireless data transfers without having any secret/key. Opportunistic Wireless Encryption is adv[..]

Nordic Semi nRF52832 Powered PineTime Dev Kit is Now Available for $24.99

PineTime was announced as a $25 smartwatch & companion for PinePhone Linux smartphone which itself sells for $150. read more

Programming: Vagrant, CSV to JSON and Python Bits

A beginner's guide to using Vagrant Vagrant describes itself as "a tool for building and managing virtual machine environments in a single workflow. With an easy-to-use workflow and focus on automation, Vagrant lowers development environment setup time, increases production parity, and makes the 'works on my machine' excuse a relic of the past." Convert CSV to JSON with miller New Project, Who Dis? - Building SaaS #38 In this episode, we started a brand new project! I had some internet troubles so this “str[..]

Red Hat: Containers and Kubernetes, Systemd Everywhere, AMQ Streams on OpenShift and System Administrators

Containers and Kubernetes can be essential to a hybrid cloud computing strategy Hybrid cloud is gaining ground among enterprises that want to expand computing resources with public cloud infrastructure while still using their on-premise, data center environments. Adding public cloud can mean more elasticity, scalability, and even faster time to market. But if you want to improve the chances that your hybrid cloud can deliver on its promise, you need to think about adding containers to the mix. Linux contain[..]

Fedora 31 Elections Results

The Fedora 31 election cycle has concluded. Here are the results for each election. Congratulations to the winning candidates, and thank you all candidates for running in this election! Council One Council seat was open this election. A total of 243 ballots were cast, meaning a candidate could accumulate up to 729 votes (243 * 3). # votes Candidate 520 Dennis Gilmore 259 Alberto Rodríguez Sánchez 237 John M. Harris, Jr. FESCo Five FESCo seats were open this election. A total of 273 ballots were cast, meanin[..]

GNU: Guile 2.9.6 (Beta) and GCC 10's C++20 "Spaceship Operator"

GNU Guile 2.9.6 (beta) released We are delighted to announce GNU Guile 2.9.6, the sixth beta release in preparation for the upcoming 3.0 stable series. See the release announcement for full details and a download link. This release fixes bugs caught by users of the previous 2.9.5 prerelease, and adds some optimizations as well as a guile-3 feature for cond-expand. GCC 10's C++20 "Spaceship Operator" Support Appears To Be In Good Shape The C++20 spaceship operator support was merged in early November for GCC[..]

Curl Milestone and New Feature

A 25K commit gift The other day we celebrated curl reaching 25,000 commits, and just days later I received the following gift in the mail. curl speaks etag That’s a quote from the mozilla ETag documentation. The header is defined in RFC 7232. In short, a server can include this header when it responds with a resource, and in subsequent requests when a client wants to get an updated version of that document it sends back the same ETag and says “please give me a new version if it doesn’t match this ETag anymo[..]

GNOME and KDE: GNOME 3, LaTeX or ConTeXt in GNOME, Outreachy, LAS 2019 and Plasma Mobile

GNOME 3 won’t unlock Every couple days something on my RHEL 7 box goes into a swapstorm and uses up all the memory. I think it’s Firefoxe, but I never figured out why, generally I have four different Firefoxes running with four different profiles, so it’s hard to tell which one’s failing (if it even is that). Anyway, sometimes it makes the screen lock crash or something, and I can’t get in, and I can never remember what process you have to kill to get back in, so here it is: gnome-shell. You have to killall[..]

Screencasts and Shows: SparkyLinux 2019.12, Linux Mint 19.3 Beta, Destination Linux and More

SparkyLinux 2019.12 Run Through In this video, we are looking at SparkyLinux 2019.12. Linux Mint 19.3 "Tricia" Beta First Impressions Linux Mint 19.3 is coming soon! In this video I take a quick look at the beta that was recently released, in preparation for the review I'll be uploading as soon as the final version is released. Destination Linux 150 - Librem 5, Zorin OS, Private Internet Access, UBports, Fedora, Bitwarden Topics covered in this episode: ZorinOS Privacy Concerns Ubuntu Touch Runs On Raspberr[..]

Terminal File Manager nnn Adds Session Management, Rclone Cloud Storage Integration

nnn is a very fast file manager created to work seamlessly with desktop environments and GUI utilities. The ncurses based keyboard-driven terminal application should run smoothly on the Raspberry Pi, Termux on Android, Linux, macOS, BSD, Cygwin and WSL. Besides basic file manager features (with tabs/contexts, bookmarks, search, and so on), the tool also various handy utilities like a disk usage analyzer (block/apparent), a fuzzy application launcher, batch renamer, and more. It's also extensible via a plugi[..]

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How To Install Elasticsearch on Debian 10 How to Install Prometheus Monitoring and node_exporter on CentOS 8 How to Install The Latest KDE Plasma 5.17.4 in KUbuntu 19.10 How to Improve Notebook Battery Life in Debian with TLP How to Setup an L2TP/IPsec VPN Client on Linux How to Simplify 7z Compression with Bash Aliases How to install Skype on elementary OS 5.1 Hera Understand basic modules in ansible read more

Low-cost, 802.11ac mesh router runs on OpenWrt

FreeMesh Wireless has launched a “WE1326 LTE FreeMesh Router” that runs OpenWrt on a dual-core MediaTek MT7621AT with 802.11ac, 4x GbE, WAN, USB, and a SIM slot for 4G. It costs $150 with two FreeMesh nodes. FreeMesh Wireless has begun selling a $150, OpenWrt based mesh router designed for residential or SOHO environments, billed as “the only open source mesh package.” The hackable software is based on secure 802.11s multi-hop and 802.11r Fast BSS Transition (FT) technologies, which add mesh capability to t[..]

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The EPO Rejects Innovation Startpage CEO Robert Beens in ‘Damage Control’ Mode, Trying to Get Startpage Relisted After Selling to a Massive Surveillance Company Microsoft Staff Repeatedly Refuses to Tell How Many People Use WSL, Defends Patent Extortion and Blackmail of Linux Instead Google Tightens Its Noose IRC Proceedings: Wednesday, December 04, 2019 IRC Proceedings: Thursday, December 05, 2019 Links 6/12/2019: DRM in GNU/Linux and Sparky Bonsai Links 5/12/2019: qBittorrent 4.2.0, Expensive Librem 5 and[..]

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Airplane Mode may finally stop shutting down Bluetooth audio, starting with Android 11 R Android’s ‘Focus Mode’ exits beta, adds new scheduling features Google Photos update is exactly what Android and iPhone users wanted for Christmas Nokia launches a 55-inch 4K Android TV with JBL sound in India Google Translate: How to translate text in photos on Android YouTube Music rolls out gapless playback for albums on Android and web Best office suite for Android in 2020 The best smartwatches, fitness trackers, an[..]

Replacing Orange Livebox router by a Linux box

A few months ago, I moved back to France and I settled for Orange as an ISP with a bundle combining Internet and mobile subscription. In Switzerland, I was using my own router instead of the box provided by Swisscom. While there is an abundant documentation to replace the box provided by Orange, the instructions around a plain Linux box are kludgy. I am exposing here my own variation. I am only interested in getting IPv4/IPv6 access: no VoIP, no TV. Orange is using GPON for its FTTH deployment. Therefore, a[..]

RadeonSI NIR Benchmarks Show Great Progress With Mesa 20.0

With AMD last week having enabled OpenGL 4.6 for their RadeonSI OpenGL Linux driver when enabling the NIR intermediate representation support, you may be wondering how using NIR is stacking up these days compared to the default TGSI route. Here are some benchmarks on Polaris, Vega, and Navi for comparing this driver option that ultimately allows OpenGL 4.6 to be flipped on. NIR is the modern intermediate representation used by a majority of Mesa drivers now in some capacity as an alternative to the likes of[..]

Plasma Pass 1.1.0

Plasma Pass, a Plasma applet for the Pass password manager version 1.1.0 is out. There’s only one bugfix, but an important one - the applet now no longer freezes during filtering, so searching for your passwords is faster and more comfortable. The new release also contains new and updated translations. read more

Games: Ballistic Overkill, Roadwarden, Mosaic

Aquiris Game Studio ending support for their online FPS Ballistic Overkill Ballistic Overkill, an easy pick up and play first-person shooter from Aquiris Game Studio is now essentially being killed off. In an announcement on Steam, the team noted that "supporting a game like this with frequent updates is no easy task, nor is it something cheap, especially for an independent studio like us" and they're certainly not wrong about that. Keeping a multiplayer game going, with constant updates to keep people inte[..]

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2019-12-05 | Linux Headlines Mozilla speeds up its open source speech-to-text engine, Disney+ is now available on Linux, and Amazon has a new AI-powered service for automated code review. Linux 5.5 Lands Broadcom BCM2711 / Raspberry Pi 4 Bits Following last week's Arm architecture updates for Linux 5.5, sent in via four pull requests on Thursday was all the new and improved hardware enablement for the SoCs and single-board computer platforms. The prominent ARM hardware support change with Linux 5.5 is mainl[..]

Games: Tank Maniacs, Beyond a Steel Sky, Car Wars and More

Offering up some intense multiplayer mayhem, Tank Maniacs is out now GAMELAB today released Tank Maniacs, a very intense multiplayer party game for up to four players. Your task is simple: eliminate the competition in any way possible and it's really quite hilarious. A game for when you want things to be a little less serious perhaps? Tank Maniacs would certainly slot into your gaming schedule nicely there I think. You don't need to have other players with you, thankfully, as the AI can be quite menacing I [..]

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Do AirPods Pro work with Android? Realme U1, Realme C1, Realme 1, and Realme 2 Will Not Receive Android 10 Update in India, Company Says Sony Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 pick up Android 10 updates Fourth Galaxy Note 10 Android 10 beta update rolling out now Nokia 2.3 is official with Android One, dual rear cameras, and 4000mAh battery read more

Nvidia Is Preparing An Unexpected Surprise For Linux Users In 2020

Each year Nvidia hosts the GPU Technology Conference, a global gathering of AI developers, data scientists, graphic artists, and pretty much anyone in the technology industry working with GPUs in their chosen fields. The event packs in keynotes with roadmaps and reveals, face-time with Nvidia engineers, and hundreds of sessions to participate in. GTC 2020, though, looks to include a special surprise for Linux users and open source enthusiasts. Supporting Nouveau eh? That’s the open source Linux driver used [..]

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Vulnerabilities in android allow for hackers to steal cryptocurrency wallet information Every Android 11 R Feature We Know So Far In 2019 Qualcomm executive confirms an Android R feature 80% of all Android apps encrypt traffic by default Android launches 'Focus Mode' that helps users avoid constantly checking social media and other apps Chrome for Android adopts Google Discover look for New Tab Page Android Auto is testing new designs for Google Assistant, rolls out weather icon Android 10 Update Now Availa[..]