The Scientist Hunting for Cave Crystals to Understand Climate Change

These 30,000-year-old crystals formed when permafrost melted in the last Ice Age.

Trump's Plan to Label Mexican Drug Cartels as Terrorists Could Backfire Big Time

It would sabotage Trump's policy of sending asylum seekers to Mexico to wait out their cases.

WarnerMedia Dedicates Techwood Campus to Ted Turner

WarnerMedia dedicated the Techwood campus in Atlanta to cable legend Ted Turner, honoring the maverick founder of Turner Broadcasting, TNT, CNN and countless other innovations in the media industry. The event was emceed by Wolf Blitzer, CNN’s lead political anchor and host of The Situation Room ...

PBS to Cover Dec. 9 Impeachment Hearing

The House Judiciary Committee has scheduled the next impeachment hearing and PBS says it will cover it live for its affiliates. The hearing, which will feature "Presentations from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and House Judiciary Committee," is slated for 9 a.m. on ...

Taco Bell's Scented 'Crunchwrapping Paper' Sold Out Immediately

Who DOESN'T want their new cashmere sweaters and Bluetooth speakers to reek of ground beef and sour cream?

Pai Names Ag Task Force Members

FCC chairman Ajit Pai has named the members of the FCC's Precision Agriculture Task Force and announced the first meeting will be Monday, Dec. 9. The FCC was directed by Congress in the 2018 Farm Bill to create the task force "to explore ways to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the ...

Brewery Forced to Drop Reindeer Orgy Beer Labels After Anonymous Scrooge Snitches

Let the reindeers 69, loser.

The Homeless Moms Who Took Over a Vacant Oakland Home Say They Aren't Going Anywhere

The sheriff’s office is set to evict the four women and their children on Dec. 17.

Doctors Should Take Pain Seriously So People Stop Turning to Opportunists

A recent New York Times report highlights "cycle-syncing," which isn't backed by science, and will certainly upend your life.

Inside the Drug Rehab for the World's Super Rich

Paracelsus Recovery is the most exclusive rehab in the world, attracting A-listers, royalty, and people worth more money than entire countries.

The Only Thing Worse Than Brand Twitter Is Horny Brand Twitter

Netflix asked companies to tweet "something you can say during sex but also when you manage a brand twitter account," and now we are in hell.

The First Study on 'Abortion Reversal' Landed Three Women in the ER

Anti-choice advocates claim medication abortions can be “reversed” halfway through. But not completing the abortion pill regimen can be life-threatening, according to new research.

Reelgood Raises $6.75M in Series A Funding

Reelgood, which tracks what movies and TV shows are available across a vast expanse of more than 330 streaming platforms, just secured another $6.75 million in Series A funding. The investment round, secured from Runa Capital with participation from August Capital, brings the San Francisco-based ...

In a Bid To Exhaust Me Personally, Marianne Williamson Shares Anti-Vaccine Misinformation on Facebook

In an especially bald pander to the anti-vaccine community, Williamson claimed vaccines require further safety studies and raised concerns about something called "neurons-toxins."

Harvey Weinstein's Ankle Monitor Keeps Mysteriously Falling Off the Radar

Prosecutors don't think that's an accident, and they want to raise his bail dramatically.

The Pensacola Navy Base Shooter Was a Member of the Saudi Air Force in the U.S. for Training

“The government of Saudi Arabia needs to make this better,” said Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Instagram Geckos Deserve Your Love

Lizards are the most underrated but the objective best animals on Instagram.

Klobuchar Would Tie Net Neutrality to Government Contract Money

Presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), who has already promised universal access by the midpoint of her first term as President as part of an infrastructure package, has released a bunch more broadband-related proposals, including using government contracts to get ISPs to follow net ...

Trump Is Still Coming Up With New Ways to Punish the Poor

His latest move will take away vital benefits from around 700,000 people in what experts call a "punitive measure."

A Queer Couple’s Plan for Dealing with Ignorant Family During the Holidays

Not today, Aunt Carol!

Bernie Sanders’ Broadband Plan Is Comcast’s Worst Nightmare

Sanders promises to break up media monopolies, restore net neutrality, and embrace the countless towns and cities that are building their own broadband networks.

A New Game in China Lets Players Attack the Hong Kong Protesters

'Fight the Traitors Together' is a Chinese game about attacking pro-democracy protesters.

HPV Stigma Doesn’t Help the HPV Situation

Influencer Jamie Otis revealed she tested positive for human papillomavirus, making her one in, uhhhh…almost everyone.

How Ring Transmits Fear to American Suburbs

Why do we surveil ourselves?

'Wargroove' Dev Responds to Criticism for Casting White Actors to Portray Characters of Color

Developer claims "blind" casting lead them in this direction, with a predictable "promise to do better" in the future.

Prison Officials Made an 8-Year-Old Girl Get Strip-Searched Before Visiting Her Dad

They didn’t find any contraband on her.

Deepfake Porn Is Evolving to Give People Total Control Over Women's Bodies

People are creating a new kind of nonconsensual pornography by combining deepfakes with 3D avatars that can be manipulated to do whatever they want.

We Went on a Russian Army Propaganda Tour of Syria

“There is no white terrorism and black terrorism,” a general said in response to a question about civilians being bombed in Idlib.

American Healthcare Sucks So Much That People Are Trading Medication Online

A new study links the traditional healthcare system’s numerous failings to the rise of illicit market medical trade.

FTC Finds Cambridge Analytica Engaged in Deceptive Practices

The Federal Trade Commission has put its official stamp on what most already knew: data company Cambridge Analytica "engaged in deceptive practices, in violation of the FTC Act--to harvest personal information from tens of millions of Facebook users for voter profiling and targeting." It was ...

Netflix’s ‘Irishman’ Tallies 17.1 U.S. Viewers in 1st 5 Days

Martin Scorsese’s latest gangster film, The Irishman, was watched by 17.1 million unique viewers in the U.S. during its first five days on Netflix, according to figures released by Nielsen. The performance ranks behind Sandra Bullock horror film Bird Box, which was seen by 26 million U.S. viewers ...

Sanders Unveils High-Speed 'Net for All

Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has unveiled a High-Speed Internet for All plan that would accomplish that, by funding government buildouts, regulating commercial broadband rates and breaking up or regulating "internet monopolies." Sander's said it would cost ...

R. Kelly Indicted for Allegedly Bribing an Official So He Could Marry 15-Year-Old Aaliyah

It's the first time the 52-year-old R&B singer has faced any criminal charges for the illegal marriage.

Biden: AOC Is Not Where the Party's At

In a new interview, the top 2020 Democrat says the star freshman progressive is a "bright, wonderful person. But where's the party? Come on, man."

People Who Wear the Hijab Face Unique Discrimination During Pregnancy

“It is intimidating [for patients] to ask a question to begin with. Even though I am a physician, people automatically assume that I don’t speak English or I have to have a husband to be heard."

Frontier Names Former Dish Exec as CEO

Frontier Communications, on the verge of one of the biggest debt restructurings in recent telecom memory, said it has named former Dish executive Bernie Han as its new CEO, replacing Daniel McCarthy. Frontier has been in talks with bondholders to restructure about $17.5 billion in debt since ...

HBO Max Orders Lena Dunham Dramedy ‘Generation’

HBO Max has given a full-season order to half-hour dramedy Generation. Zelda Barnz, who is 18, and her father Daniel Barnz created the show. Lena Dunham and Ben Barnz executive produce Generation, about a group of high school students whose exploration of sexuality (devices and all) tests deeply ...

FCC Ups Broadband Subsidy Usage Benchmark to 250 GB

The FCC has announced new price and usage benchmarks for fixed voice and broadband Universal Service Fund subsidy recipients based on the results of the FCC's latest survey of prices and service and it is upping the minimum usage allowance benchmark from 150 GB per month to 250 GB. To be ...

Vazquez, Tweedie Hired to Host New E! Morning Shows

E! said it has hired Lilliana Vazquez and Scott Tweedie to co-host its two new New York-based morning news shows. The new shows, scheduled to launch on Jan. 6, are E! News at 7 a.m. ET/PT and Pop of the Morning at 11 a.m. ET/PT. The shows will focus on pop culture, lifestyle and entertainment ...

A UPS Driver and Bystander Were Killed in a Police Shootout Over the Driver's Hijacked Truck

Police and the hijacking suspects, who had tried to rob a jewelry store, opened fire on a jam-packed highway outside of Miami.

Shooter Dead After Opening Fire on Florida Navy Base

Multiple people were shot, and at least one person is dead.

Indian Police Shoot Gang Rape Suspects During Crime Scene Reconstruction

Some are calling their deaths justice for the victim and her family, while others are condemning it as an extrajudicial killing.

Rich Could Be Big Draw for Fox Nation

Fox is adding some more star power to its video streaming service. Country star John Rich, of Big & Rich fame, will host a new show on Fox Nation, the on-demand streaming service now celebrating its first anniversary.The Pursuit! With John Rich will launch on Fox Nation in February 2020 from ...

Murderers, Coppers, Teachers, and Teens’ Bad Behaviour on Ultra Macho

West Palm Beach, FL – December 6, 2019 – Ultra Macho, Olympusat’s HD channel featuring the best in travel, extreme sports, Mexican wrestling, cars, late-night adult shows, reality series, documentaries and other programming aimed at the Ultra Macho, announces the network premiere of the Australian ...

Scams Are Killing the Phone Call

As North American governments struggle to fight it, the robocall epidemic could already be changing how we use our phones. If you've stopped picking up, you're not alone.

Over 3,000 People Reported Being Sexually Assaulted in an Uber Last Year

The company says that in 2017 and 2018, it received nearly 6,000 reports of sexual assault in the U.S., 500 of which were reported rapes.

Italian Artist's Duct-Taped Bananas Are Selling for $120,000 Each

Maurizio Cattelan said he'd been trying to finish 'Comedian' for more than a year, but his early attempts with fake bananas just weren't working out.

If Weed Makes You Extremely Nauseated, You're Not Alone

Doctors are seeing an increasing number of cases of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, which has symptoms cannabis is, ironically, often prescribed to treat.

Tuna Melt Casserole Recipe

Like your favorite diner sandwich, but a casserole.

Teachers and Doctors Are the Green Jobs of the Future

Fighting climate change means focusing on vital work often done by women of color.