Xiaomi Reveals 34-Inch Mi Surface Display: 144Hz WQHD w/FreeSync

While Xiaomi is best known in the west for its smartphone products, like other electronics conglomorates, the company produces a significant selection of electronics products, and that variety is continuing to grow. To that end, this week the company unveiled its first computer monitors, including the flagship 34-inch curved Mi Surface Display, a 21:9 aspect ratio display with a 3440×1440 resolution. Xiaomi’s 34-inch curved Mi Surface Display was designed primarily for gamers and multimedia enthusiasts in m[..]

Arctic’s Freezer 50 TR Air Cooler w/ RGB for AMD’s Threadripper Launched

Arctic has formally introduced its Freezer 50 TR cooler for AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper processors, which promises to remain quiet even when the CPU gets hot. The socket TR4-only cooler comes with two fans, has multiple heat pipes, and weighs more than 1.2 kilograms. And, for the multi-colored lighting enthusiasts among us, it's equipped with 13 addressable RGB LEDs. The Arctic Freezer 50 TR borrows its design from other so-called ‘mega coolers’: it has a massive dual-tower heatsink featuring 104 aluminum fins[..]

The Toshiba/Kioxia BG4 1TB SSD Review: A Look At Your Next Laptop's SSD

Today we're taking a look at Toshiba's tiny, OEM-only BG4 SSD. The BG4 is going to become an increasingly common sight in OEM laptops as manufacturers look to save on space and power consumption. Toshiba's fourth-generation BGA SSD pushes performance and capacity into mainstream territory while keeping power consumption extremely low, all in a footprint comparable to a postage stamp or SD card.

TSMC Radically Boosts CapEx to Expand Production Capacities, To Reach $14B For 2019

Forecasting strong demand for its 5 nm and 7 nm class process technologies in the coming years, TSMC has announced that it's increasing its capital expenditure for 2019 by a whopping 36% - 40% over its earlier plans. The lion’s share of the additional money will be spent on the equipment that will be used to make 5 nm chips. TSMC expected its 2019 CapEx to be between $10 billion and $11 billion early this year (in line with $10.5 billion in 2018), but increased demand for chips to be made using one of its 7[..]

Dynabook Updates Support Policies, Now Offers 3 & 4 Year Warranties For Some Models

Back in the day, virtually all PCs came standard with a three-year warranty with some makers offering to extend it to five years. Due to cut-throat competition on the PC market, manufacturers started to cut down their costs and long warranties were among the first things to go. While most laptops shipped today come with relatively short one or two year warrantees, there is continuing pressure on notebook makers both to support their devices for longer, as well as to take steps to differentiate themselves in[..]

Philips Reveals 346B1C 34-Inch 100 Hz Curved UltraWide Monitor with USB-C Docking

Philips has introduced its new 346B1C ultrawide curved monitor, which is designed for business and professional users looking for a large display offering USB Type-C docking. The Philips 346B1 is one of the industry’s first productivity-focused curved displays that features a 21:9 aspect ratio, as well as a 100 Hz maximum refresh rate, a built-in Gigabit Ethernet, and even VESA Adaptive Sync (i.e. Freesync). The Philips 346B1C is powered by a 34-inch VA panel with a 3440×1440 resolution, 300 nits brightness[..]

Librem 5 Aspen Batch – Photo and Video Gallery

Librem 5‘s from the Aspen batch have started shipping to early backers so we’ve done a roundup of some of the best photos and videos shared by us and others as well as some never seen before photos. Photos Black Anodized Aluminum Chassis The Librem 5 case has evolved to a black anodized aluminium shell […] The post Librem 5 Aspen Batch – Photo and Video Gallery appeared first on Purism.

Halo Privacy partners with Purism

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. & SEATTLE, Wash., October 15, 2019 — Halo Privacy partners with Purism to provide best-in-class secure hardware devices to large enterprise customers in defense, aerospace, and the cryptocurrency/fintech sector. Halo is excited to deliver solutions utilizing Purism’s industry unique security stack across Librem Laptops, the Librem 5 phone, and including the recently released Made […] The post Halo Privacy partners with Purism appeared first on Purism.

EUV Demand is Up: EUV Device Manufacturer ASML Beats Sales Estimates

Between the smartphone revolution, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things, the demand for cutting-edge chips has never been higher. And if you have any doubts about that, then one only needs to look at the record-breaking sales of the equipment used to fab those chips. ASML, the leader in the field for photolithography, announced this week its financial results for the third quarter, revealing that its sales, profits, and net bookings all topped expectations, as the company received orders for 23 extre[..]

Razer Unveils Optical Laptop Keyboard

Razer has introduced the industry’s first notebook keyboard based on optical switches. The low-profile keyboard promises tactile feedback of mechanical switches as well as near instant actuation required by gamers. The keyboard will first be used by Razer’s Blade 15 Advanced notebook with more models coming in 2020. Razer’s new optical laptop switch uses an infrared light beam to detect when a key is pressed. According to the developer, the actuation point of its switch is one millimeter, which allows gamer[..]

LGA4677 Socket Spotted: Future Server Socket with PCIe 5.0 Support

TE Connectivity, a maker of various connectivity solutions in general and CPU sockets in particular, has revealed its roadmap describing future sockets for what looks like a range of future server processors. The roadmap reaffirms that Intel’s upcoming server CPUs will use LGA4189 sockets and indicates that some form of future CPU will use a larger LGA4677. TE's LGA4677 socket will be made by the company starting from 2021, and is listed on the diagram as supporting PCIe 5.0. It is noteworthy that according[..]

The Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max Review: Performance, Battery, & Camera Elevated

It’s been a little over a year since our review of the iPhone XS and XS Max, and it’s that time of the year to investigate Apple’s latest and greatest: the iPhone 11 family. This time around Apple was able to launch all three phones, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max simultaneously, and we’ve gotten our hands on all of them. We’ll be running them through our extensive testing marathon, again hopefully revealing more about how Apple’s newest hardware improvements change the product experien[..]

Google Pixelbook Go: Co-Engineered with Intel for a Powerful Chromebook Experience

» Download all images (ZIP, 2 MB) What’s New: Today in New York City, Google announced the newest member of the Pixelbook family: Google Pixelbook Go, powered by Intel® Core™ processors for performance, connectivity and a full Chrome OS experience that boots in seconds and stays up-to-date on the go. “The new Google Pixelbook Go was carefully crafted … Continued The post Google Pixelbook Go: Co-Engineered with Intel for a Powerful Chromebook Experience appeared first on Intel Newsroom.

Intel Eyes Leadership in 5G Edge Computing; Acquiring Smart Edge

What’s New: Intel has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the Smart Edge™ intelligent-edge platform business from Pivot Technology Solutions Inc., an IT infrastructure and service provider. Smart Edge is a cloud-native, scalable and secure platform for multi-access edge computing (MEC). With Smart Edge, enterprises and communications service providers can enable cloud-like services closer to the user … Continued The post Intel Eyes Leadership in 5G Edge Computing; Acquiring Smart Edge appeared first on[..]

Samsung to Invest $11 Billion in QD-OLED Panel Production

Samsung Display has announced plans to invest a further ₩13.1 trillion ($11 billion) in the R&D and production of QD-OLED TV panels. The plan includes building up two QD-OLED production lines in South Korea between now and 2025, with the first starting production in 2021. In addition, the company will invest in R&D of quantum dot-enhanced OLED technology, which promises to provide finer colors than today’s OLED displays and televisions. The first step of Samsung’s QD-OLED plan will be converting its L8 fab [..]

Google Announces The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL: The 2019 Pixels

Today Google announced the new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL flagship devices, representing Google's vision for 2019 and 2020. The new phones upgrade the hardware to the latest and greatest, such as introducing a new 90Hz display. The new phones come with a new design language that does differ more significantly from its predecessors, with some risky choices in terms of the new features that the new generation drops as well as adopts. As always, Google prides itself in the camera of the Pixel phones and this year [..]

OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dock / DAS Combo: TB3, up to 28 TB, USB 3.0, DP, GbE, SD

OWC has started sales of its new DAS device that can also serve as a Thunderbolt 3 dock. The Mercury Elite Pro Dock is aimed at creative professionals with the latest Thunderbolt 3-enabled laptops that require a significant amount of storage capacity along with a set of traditional interfaces, including USB 3.0 Type-A, DisplayPort, GbE, and an SD card reader. OWC is a well-known name in the Mac world as for years the company made accessories and upgrades for Apple’s computers. Since modern MacBooks cannot b[..]

Nova 5T: Huawei Can Still Make New Phones With Google Services (sort of)

Today at a small event in Paris, Huawei announced its latest device for the more mass market: the Huawei Nova 5T. The Nova line from Huawei is part of its strategy to address the wider market with almost up-to-date components: it is priced well below the P series and Mate series flagships, but has the hardware inside from high-end devices launched earlier this year, all for a modest cost. This time around, the Nova gets a redesign, and despite US-China issues, this device has Google Media Services installed[..]

PCIe 6.0 Dev Reaches v0.3; On-Track for a Full Specification In 2021

Having wrapped up their work on the PCI-Express 5.0 specification earlier this year, the PCI-SIG wasted no time in getting to work on the next version of the specification, PCIe 6.0. That specification, which is expected to be finished in 2021, will once again double PCIe’s bandwidth to 64 GigaTransfers/second – or roughly 128GB/sec (each direction) for a x16 slot – thanks to some high-end encoding technologies like PAM4. At the time that PCIe 6.0 was first announced, the group was just beginning work on th[..]

AMD Refreshes Embedded GPU Lineup, Launches Polaris-Based Embedded Radeon E9560 & E9390

AMD’s GPU division has long had its hands in many businesses. While their consumer GPUs and semi-custom efforts tend to attract the most attention – and more recently, their GPU co-development deal with Samsung – it’s still not the entirety of AMD’s GPU efforts. The company also has an arm of the GPU business developing products for the embedded market, which aptly enough are sold as AMD’s Embedded Radeon products. With extremely long product cycle times and niche use cases, we don’t regularly hear from the[..]

AMD B550A System Spotted: OEM Only Chipset, PCIe 3.0

In every motherboard generation on AMD's AM4 socket, we have seen a premium motherboard chipset and a more budget friendly chipset play out in the market. For the latest generation, focusing on Ryzen 3000 processors, we only have the X570 chipset in the market right now, and we're expecting to see a B550 chipset and motherboards built on that chipset at somepoint in the future. B550 hasn't been announced yet, but one avid Reddit user has spotted an OEM system built on the B550A chipset in stores. The exista[..]

Made by Google 2019 Live Blog (Starts at 10am ET/14:00 UTC)

We've seen the latest and greatest smartphones from Apple, Samsung, LG, and Huawei. Now as we're getting ready to close out the year, it's the final major smartphone launch of the year: Google's. Taking place in New York City this morning is the company's annual Made by Google event, where the Android maker itself announces its slate of hardware for the next year to come. The big news here is the Pixel 4 family of flagship smartphones, which besides the usual leaks, Google has also teased for months on end.[..]

Intel Xeon Scalable Processors Accelerate Big Data Computing in Alibaba Cloud

What’s New: Intel and Alibaba Cloud, the data intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, jointly announced the two companies have optimized big data performance and decision support within the Alibaba Cloud based on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. Through their close collaboration, Alibaba Cloud published the industry’s first 100,000 scale factor on Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute cluster running … Continued The post Intel Xeon Scalable Processors Accelerate Big Data Computing in Alibaba Cloud appeared first on Int[..]

HP Unveils Chromebox Enterprise G2: A Chrome OS-Based Business Desktop

Business and enterprise desktops is an interesting market recently - on the one hand, because extended support for Windows 7 nears its end early in 2020, multiple companies are eager to buy new PCs; on the other hand, margins are low and competition between suppliers is cut-throat. To minimize competition, HP has released one of the industry’s first Chromebox for Enterprise: a UCFF desktop PC for frontline workers, call centers, shared spaces, kiosks, or digital signage applications. The Chromebox Enterpris[..]

Razer’s Blade Pro 17 for eSports: Now with a 240 Hz Display

Already a big name in the gaming laptop market thanks to its sizable-yet-portable form factor, Razer has announed that they're going to be expanding the range of their flagship Blade Pro 17 laptop even further with another new display option. With an eye towards eSports gamers, who are particularly keen on refresh rates and input latency, Razer is now offering the Blade Pro 17 with a 240 Hz Full-HD display. Hitting and maintaining a frame rate of 240 fps requires a lot of graphics horsepower, so Razer is on[..]

Samsung & TSMC Develop 8nm & 7nm Automotive-Grade Nodes

As vehicles are getting ‘smarter’ and gaining autopilot capabilities, it is easy to predict that the demand for higher-performing and more complex automotive SoCs will be growing rapidly in the coming years. To produce those SoCs, specialized manufacturing lines will be needed, which is why the two leading contract chip makers, Samsung and TSMC, are working on new nodes and IP aimed precisely at automobiles. Samsung Foundry this past week said that in the near future it would introduce a version of its 8 nm[..]

Corsair 16GB DDR4-5000 Vengeance LPX Memory Kit: Built for AMD Ryzen 3000 and MSI

The high-tech industry loves milestones that are round numbers, be it frequency, number of cores, transistor count or something else. It is not that extra 100 MHz – 200 MHz or a couple of additional CPU cores radically improve performance or user experience these days, but because milestones symbolize an achievement, a new height from where we will go and hit the next ones. Today, the industry has reached a milestone as Corsair introduced the industry’s first commercial DDR4-5000 memory modules. We saw nume[..]

Synopsys Demonstrates CXL and CCIX 1.1 over PCIe 5.0: Next-Gen In Action

Synopsys, one of the leading developers of chip development tools and silicon IP, demonstrated its CXL over PCIe 5.0 as well as CCIX 1.1 over PCIe 5.0 solutions at ArmTechCon 2019. The showcase indicates that the company’s IP is up and running, and is ready to be licensed by interested parties. CXL and CCIX are chip-to-chip interconnect protocols for connecting processors to various accelerators that maintains memory and cache coherency at low latencies. Both protocols are designed for heterogeneous systems[..]

The SilverStone Strider Platinum ST1200-PTS 1200W PSU Review: Small in Size, Big on Compliance

Today we are taking a look at a special PSU from SilverStone, the ST1200-PTS. The latest addition to the Strider series appears like a typical 80Plus Platinum 1200W PSU on paper, yet it's only 140 mm deep, making it a truly unique product as the only ATX-compliant 1200W PSU on the market.

Media Alert: Intel Customer Spotlight: Live Discussion with Siemens Healthineers

On Friday, Oct. 18, 2019, Intel will host a live discussion and Q&A with Siemens Healthineers, a global healthcare market leader in diagnostic imaging that benefits an estimated 5 million patients globally every day. This is the latest in Intel’s Spotlight Series, which features Intel customers who are transforming their businesses across artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of … Continued The post Media Alert: Intel Customer Spotlight: Live Discussion with Siemens Healthineers appeared first on Intel[..]

Lenovo and Intel Extend HPC and AI Collaboration with the Flatiron Institute

What’s New: Lenovo and Intel today discussed how their joint technology collaboration to accelerate the convergence of high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) is helping scientists at the Flatiron Institute solve scientific challenges in entirely new ways. The mission of the Flatiron Institute in New York City is to advance the frontiers of research in mathematics … Continued The post Lenovo and Intel Extend HPC and AI Collaboration with the Flatiron Institute appeared first on Int[..]

Intel to Discontinue Nearly All Desktop Kaby Lake CPUs

Intel has announced End-of-Life plan for most of its desktop Kaby Lake and remaining Skylake processors. The boxed and tray versions of the chips will be available for interested parties for one more year and then will become history. The move will enable Intel to cut the number of product SKUs it offers to partners and reduce pressure on its factory network, which will help to increase supply of newer products made using various versions of Intel’s 14 nm process technology. Introduced early in 2017, Intel’[..]

New Tools & IP Accelerate Development of 5nm Arm ‘Hercules’ SoCs

Arm, Synopsys, and Samsung Foundry have developed a set of optimized tools and IP that will enable chip designers to build next-generation SoCs based on Arm’s Hercules processor cores on Samsung’s 5LPE (5 nm, Low Power Early) node faster. The three companies expect the tools and IP to be used by designers of SoCs for a wide variety of applications. The set of Synopsys tools are certified by Samsung Foundry for its 5LPE manufacturing technology, and now includes the Fusion Design Platform as well as QuickSta[..]

Fitbit Shifts Production Away from China

Fitbit has announced plans to shift its production away from China starting early 2020. The company indicated that the decision was conditioned by the fact that its products were subject to Section 301 tariffs as a consequence of the ongoing trade war between the US and China. Fitbit has been evaluating options how to move production of all of its fitness trackers and smartwatches away from China from 2018. As a result of its efforts, all of its devices will be produced in other countries and therefore will[..]

TRX40 Chipset For Upcoming AMD Ryzen Threadripper Listed

In what is being put down to an inadvertent leak by MSI, it could be that the currently unannounced chipset for AMD's new 3rd Gen Ryzen Threadripper series processors has been officially mentioned (not withstanding the unconfirmed leaks from various sources). With the new AMD Ryzen Threadripper third generation set to hit the shelves in November, a lot of discussion is circulating about potential motherboard chipsets names and monikers. On one end we're expecting compatibility with current X399 motherboards[..]

HP Unveils Chomebooks for Enterprise: AMD and Intel

HP has introduced its first business-oriented Chromebooks for Enterprise mobile PCs that support advanced security, management, and deployment features. The lineup consists of two machines featuring different configurations: Intel-based Chromebook Enterprise x360 14E G1 convertibles with 8th Generation processors, as well as AMD-powered Chromebook Enterprise 14A G5 laptops. HP’s Chromebook Enterprise 14A G5: A Cheap Business Machine HP’s entry-level Chrome OS-based machine for business users is the Chromebo[..]

Diving into Intel’s Regional Focus: How is the UK different to the US? What about Brexit?

In this industry, it’s very easy to fall into a lull that the North American market is blueprint from which every other commercial market is drawn up. In reality, each region and sub-region has its own foibles, from the types of customers in play, budgets customers can spend, and the requirements therein that might be unique to that region. Of course, within Europe there are several sizeable markets that aren’t like the North American market at all, and this year in the UK a lot of talk has been about how B[..]

The Oppo Reno Ace: 90 Hz AMOLED 6.5-inch HDR10+ with 65W Charging

Today in China, top 5 smartphone company Oppo launched its latest flagship smartphone. The new Oppo Reno Ace goes above and beyond the Oppo Reno launched earlier in the year by jamming in some quite impressive specifications into a device that retails around USD $420.

Intel Releases Advisory: Update X299 for Cascade-X, and Lose Kaby-X Support

Motherboard firmware is a fickle thing: in order to support as many CPUs as possible, especially in the multi-core and turbo era, each processor has to have its own entry in the support table in the BIOS. With luck, some processor variants can share entries, but ultimately the more processors a platform supports, the larger the BIOS firmware tends to be. As we have moved from basic BIOS implementations to complex UEFI interfaces, the amount of free space inside BIOS firmware has reduced drastically. As a re[..]

Intel Starts to Close Omni-Path: OPA1 Xeon CPUs on EOL, OPA2 Axed

Intel this week announced plans to discontinue its 1st Generation Xeon Scalable processors with Omni-Path interconnect a year from now. With no 2nd Generation Xeon Scalable products announced to date supporting the technology as well as already cancelled plans for Omni-Path 200 Gbps fabric, Intel is canning the whole project. Early in the decade, Intel acquired Cray’s interconnect assets as well as QLogic’s InfiniBand technology in a bid to build its own fast, highly-scalable, low-latency interconnect techn[..]

Intel, Lockheed Martin Collaborate with Systems Providers to Advance Security for Critical Workloads

What’s New: Today at the Intel Federal Summit 2019 in Washington, D.C., Intel announced that it has collaborated with industry leaders including Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Mercury Systems and Supermicro (SMCI) as they ready solutions for market based on the Intel® Select Solutions for Hardened Security with Lockheed Martin. The solutions are built on a foundation … Continued The post Intel, Lockheed Martin Collaborate with Systems Providers to Advance Security for Critical Workloads appeared first on[..]

Ryzen 5 3500X Reviewed: Promising But Out Of Reach

Chinese media Expreview reviews AMD's latest Rzyen 5 3500X processor.

PSVR 2 May Be Wireless, With AR Potential

Sony filed a patent for an interesting new VR headset that seems worthy of being called the PSVR 2.

EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G5 Power Supply Review

The SuperNOVA 750 G5 is fully modular, compact, and promises for high performance. Will it be able to meet the popular Corsair and Seasonic offerings though?

Linksys Aware Uses Mesh Wi-Fi to Detect Home Invaders

Linksys is updating some of its mesh Wi-Fi routers with motion-sensing capabilities to power a home security system called Linksys Aware.

Researchers Can Now Reverse Engineer Entire Chips With X-Ray Technology

Researchers from the U.S. and Switzerland have invented a new non-destructive technique that allows for the imaging of an entire chip, which could be used to identify hidden backdoors in chips or to verify if a chip's design matches the specifications.

Asus TUF Gaming H7 Wireless Gaming Headset Review: Tweaking Required

There's plenty to like about the Asus TUF Gaming H7 Wireless gaming headset. But we have reservations about its shape and out-of-box sound quality.

Twitter Used Contact Info Provided for Two-Factor Authentication for Targeted Ads

Twitter said phone numbers and email addresses used to secure accounts on its platform were "unintentionally used for advertising purposes."

Blazing Fast 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSDs Drop to $200

If you're ready to jump on the PCIe 4.0 SSD bandwagon, we have some nice 1TB deals that will surely interest you.

One Year Later: Intel Adds Heatsink To M.2 Optane 905P SSD

Intel adds a heatsink to its speedy Optane 905P SSDs.