Librem 5 on the Free Software Foundation’s Ethical Tech Gift Giving Guide

The Free Software Foundation (FSF), like Purism believe in promoting worldwide user freedoms. The FSF have been championing people’s software freedom rights for 34 years and have created the guidelines and compliance that most of the free software world relies on. This is why we are so proud that our operating system, PureOS, has previously […] The post Librem 5 on the Free Software Foundation’s Ethical Tech Gift Giving Guide appeared first on Purism.

Qualcomm Windows on Snapdragon: New 7c & 8c SoCs for sub-$800 Laptops

Last year Qualcomm introduced its flagship Snapdragon 8cx platform for premium always-connected PCs (ACPCs) that packed the best technologies that the company had to offer at the time. Being a no-compromise solution, the Snapdragon 8cx was not meant for every ACPC out there, so this week the company expanded the lineup of its SoCs for laptops with the Snapdragon 7c for entry-level machines and the Snapdragon 8c for mainstream always-connected notebooks. Qualcomm aimed its Snapdragon 8cx primarily at flagshi[..]

HP’s Envy x360 13 Wood Edition w/ AMD Ryzen Now Available

For those more discerning laptop users out there who are on the market for a more exotic laptop design, HP has started sales of its Envy x360 13 Wood Edition convertibles. Featuring a wooden palm rest, the AMD’s Ryzen Mobile 3000-powered laptops are otherwise mainstream-focused laptops aiming for a good balance between size and power, but with some more eye-catching aesthetics. For now, what's arguably the most stylish AMD Ryzen-powered hybrid PCs are only available in Japan, but it is likely that they will[..]

Best Mechanical Keyboards: Holiday 2019

Continuing our run of holiday buyers' guides, today we're taking a look at peripherals. Considering that a PC’s peripherals can easily outlive the main system’s components and usually stay the same even after several main system upgrades, they are often not given the attention they deserve. Keyboards are just such a component; it is the main interface with the PC, yet most casual users hardly stop to consider what would be the most practical/comfortable choice for them.

Arm Server CPUs: You Can Now Buy Ampere’s eMAG in a Workstation

One of the critical elements to all these new server-class Arm processors is availability. We are not yet at the point where these chips are freely sold on the open market: anyone who wants to use them needs to buy a server (or a rack of servers), or rent a cloud instance. One of the benefits of x86 in this space is that users can write code for x86 servers on other easily accessible hardware, then port it up to the big server iron. Well now it seems that one of the Arm licencees playing in the server space[..]

Preferred Networks: A 500 W Custom PCIe Card using 3000 mm2 Silicon

Pushing the physical limits of hardware is always a fun story, but I was positively blown away when I saw this poster at Supercomputing. Preferred Networks, seemingly a spin-out from Tokyo University, is shoving several large chiplets into a single PCIe card for peak performance, peak power, and it looks like they’re ready to deploy over 4800 of these cards into a custom supercomputer.

Cosemi Launches 100-Meter USB 3.1 Gen 2 Optical Cables

Cosemi has introduced new USB 3.1 Gen 2 active optical cables, which support full speed USB connections at distances of up to 100 meters. The cables are designed primarily for industrial applications. Cosemi’s USB 3.1 Gen 2 active optical cables feature a USB Type-A connector on one side as well as a USB Type-B connector with a screw locking mechanism on another side. The cables can enable data transfers at up to 10 Gbps speed, but they cannot power devices (which is what hybrid active optical cables are ne[..]

The ADATA Ultimate SU750 1TB SSD Review: Realtek Does Storage, Part 1

Realtek has entered the SSD controller market and scored several design wins with ADATA for retail SSDs. The ADATA SU750 entry-level SATA drive is not as important to their strategy as NVMe drives, but it may help Realtek establish a foothold in this market.

AOC’s Agon AG493UCX: A 49-Inch Ultrawide Curved Monitor w/ 120 Hz Refresh & VRR

In recent years, displays with an ultrawide aspect ratio have gained traction both among gamers and among prosumers. At first, monitors with a 21:9 aspect ratio were released by a handful of manufacturers, but more recently, most of leading brands launched even wider LCDs featuring a 32:9 or 32:10 ratios. TPV Technology – which makes displays under AOC and Philips brands – was among the first manufacturers with professional-grade 32:9 monitors, so now it's following-up with the gamer-focused AOC Agon AG493U[..]

Toshiba Announces 6 TB HDDs for Surveillance Applications

Toshiba has introduced a new line of energy-efficient hard drives for surveillance applications. The new DT02-V series HDDs will support up to 32 HD streams and offer capacities of up to 6 TB. The company says that the key advantage that the new drives will provide over its direct predecessors is improved reliability. Toshiba’s DT02-V family of 3.5-inch hard drives will include models with 2 TB, 4 TB, and 6 TB capacities featuring a 5400 RPM spindle speed, a 128 MB cache buffer, and a SATA 6 Gbps interface.[..]

Western Digital Starts Sales of WD_Black P50 USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 SSDs

Western Digital has started sales of its WD_Black P50 SSDs that were announced earlier this year. The drives are aimed at the high-performance market and are among the first peripherals to support USB 3.2 Gen 2x2, which offers a full 20Gbps over a USB-C cable. The WD_Black P50 Game Drive is an external storage device containing an internal NVMe SSD, with capacities of 500 GB, 1 TB, or 2 TB. The device offers a USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type-C interface via ASMedia’s ASM2364 USB-to-PCIe bridge, driving peak interface [..]

Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit Day 3 Live Blog: ACPC and XR

The annual Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit is in its final day, and the main focal points for discussion are the Windows on Snapdragon-based Always Connected PCs, with updates to the 8cx family of processors, and the into augmented reality and virtual reality with Qualcomm's efforts in XR being expanded. We're here ready to report, with the presentation set to start at 2pm ET / 7pm UTC.

Librem 5 USA

Announcing the Librem 5 USA–the same freedom, security, and privacy-respecting phone, now with Made in USA electronic fabrication We continue to enjoy seeing the reactions from customers who have received their Librem 5 units from the Birch batch. Now that Birch is out and we continue to make progress on the Librem 5 (with more […] The post Librem 5 USA appeared first on Purism.

Intel Customer Spotlight: Live Discussion With ExxonMobil

On Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019, Intel will host a live discussion and Q&A with ExxonMobil, a 135-year-old global energy product provider that is leading the way in defining standards for open architecture in industrial control systems. This is the latest in Intel’s Spotlight series, featuring innovative Intel customers transforming their businesses across artificial intelligence, the internet of things and other data-centric technologies. … Continued The post Intel Customer Spotlight: Live Discussion With Exxon[..]

Advancing Industrywide Compute Lifecycle Assurance

By Leslie Culbertson The globalization of technology design, development, manufacturing and distribution has created an environment of complicated supply chains with limited transparency. There is a growing need to provide assurances of platform integrity in every stage of the compute lifecycle, and to do so in a manner that is as transparent as possible. Government … Continued The post Advancing Industrywide Compute Lifecycle Assurance appeared first on Intel Newsroom.

coreboot 4.11: Leaving No Librem Behind

One of Purism’s core beliefs is to ensure that to the best of our ability, all new features, fixes, and improvements will be applied to all products, past and present. With that in mind, we’re excited to share with you the many improvements to our coreboot-based firmware over the past few months: Updated to latest […] The post coreboot 4.11: Leaving No Librem Behind appeared first on Purism.

Purism Closes $2.5m Note Series

Purism closes a $2.5m note series, all from inbound investment inquiries. Purism as a Social Purpose Company (SPC) ensures the rights of humanity by creating products that fully respect people, and that mission has garnered a lot of attention and growth. One of the reasons Purism registered as an SPC was so that we could […] The post Purism Closes $2.5m Note Series appeared first on Purism.

Intel Solutions Marketplace for Partners Helps Speed Growth, Innovation through Global Collaboration

What’s New: Intel today launched Intel® Solutions Marketplace, an innovative platform to help partners deploy solutions in an increasingly complex, data-centric economy. On the new platform, and all from personal dashboards, Intel partners can grow their businesses through new partner connections and matchmaking, receive and manage leads, monitor business performance, and market solutions to end customers. The … Continued The post Intel Solutions Marketplace for Partners Helps Speed Growth, Innovation throu[..]

AIC to Offer Dual Socket 1U with Four 300W FPGAs

Aside from specific events relating to Xilinx or Altera/Intel, we don’t cover much FPGA news. FPGAs by their very nature are very focused pieces of hardware, and it’s usually a binary option if you need one. They can be difficult to build for without the right expertise as well, but if you have the right engineer and the product needs one, then sometimes it’s a very easy sell. In recent months the key noise on FPGAs has been around SmartNICs, 5G network accelerators, and simulation – both Intel and Xilinx a[..]

A Success on Arm for HPC: We Found a Fujitsu A64fx Wafer

When speaking about Arm in the enterprise space, the main angle for discussion is on the CPU side. Having a high-performance SoC at the heart of the server has been a key goal for many years, and we have had players such as Amazon, Ampere, Marvell, Qualcomm, Huawei, and others play for the server market. The other angle to attack is for co-processors and accelerators. Here we have one main participant: Fujitsu. We covered the A64FX when the design was disclosed at Hot Chips last year, with its super high ca[..]

Ryzen UCFF-palooza: Multiple PC Makers Now Shipping AMD Ryzen Embedded Systems

While AMD's Ryzen Embedded APUs aren't new, the rate of adoption for them is. AMD unveiled this week that four more manufacturers are now offering ultra-compact form-factor (UCFF) PCs powered by their embedded Ryzen APUs. With systems shipping from ASRock, EEPD, OnLogic, and SimplyNUC, the small form factor boxes can be used for a wide variety of use cases, ranging from home entertainment to business and industrial applications. ASRock’s 4X4 BOX R1000V UCFF PCs Finally Available Originally introduced earlie[..]

Supermicro Shows Off Intel Nervana NNP-T Servers: 8-Way PCIe and OAM

One of the key elements to deep learning and training is lots of very dense compute, as well as the dense servers to go through the computation. Intel’s Nervana NNP-T Spring Crest silicon, which we saw at Hot Chips earlier this year, is the ‘big training silicon’ that came out of the acquisition with Nervana: a 680 mm2 built on TSMC 16nm with CoWoS with four stacks of HBM2. The servers using this silicon are now starting to appear, and we caught sight of two at the Supermicro booth at Supercomputing.

Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon 865 and 765(G): 5G For All in 2020, All The Details

We’re here in Maui for the second day of Qualcomm’s fourth annual Snapdragon summit, for what is probably the most exciting part of the event, as we cover the disclosure of the intricate details of the brand new Snapdragon 865 and 765 SoCs that the company had briefly announced yesterday. Indeed, this year, Qualcomm isn’t launching just one SoC, but rather two new platforms at the same time. The Snapdragon 865 is self-explanatory in its positioning; as a direct successor to the Snapdragon 855 we expect the [..]

Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit Live Blog Day Two: All About Mobile

After yesterday announcing both the Snapdragon 765 and Snapdragon 865 mobile platforms, which will aim to provide a lot of 5G coverage to 2020 devices, Qualcomm today is going to go deep into what is inside both of these chips. We're here will full live blog coverage - the talk starts at 7pm UTC / 2pm ET.

Mobileye is Mapping 28,000 Miles of Barcelona’s Roads Daily to Improve Safety

What’s New: On Monday, Dec. 2, Spain’s road safety authority, the Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT), and the City of Barcelona with Mobileye presented data from the first two months of the Autonomous Ready™ initiative, a program intended to enhance the safety of streets today while analyzing the status of infrastructure to continue improving roads for the … Continued The post Mobileye is Mapping 28,000 Miles of Barcelona’s Roads Daily to Improve Safety appeared first on Intel Newsroom.

Quick Bytes: Motorola in Profit, 2020 Focus on Innovation, Foldables, and 5G

The first guest company to present at Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Tech Summit this year was Motorola. For readers who haven’t been keeping up, Motorola is now owned by Lenovo, and its focus is still very much on the smartphone market. Even recently they announced their first foldable smartphone, a new Motorola Razr – a modern take on the classic clamshell ‘razr’ phone, but this time putting a foldable OLED display on the inside. A number of press and analysts are calling it one of the more ‘sensible’ flexible dis[..]

Quick Bytes: Qualcomm’s Prediction of 1.4 Billion 5G Smartphones by 2022

I wanted to cover a quick comment that Qualcomm made yesterday at its Snapdragon Tech Summit event. We’re currently in 2019, with the first wave of 5G devices currently rolling out. The devices are here, and the networks on a global scale are taking their time to add 5G in different stages – some are starting with mmWave, some are starting with Sub-6 GHz, and then eventually everyone everywhere should support both. There is always a question about what the level of adoption is like, and Qualcomm gave a very[..]

Intel Unveils Specificiations of NUC Element Modular PCs

In preparation to kick off sales of its NUC Element modular computers, Intel has disclosed some additional details about the product family. As expected, Intel will offer NUC Element boards, chassis, and pre-assembled modules designed to fit into both Intel and third-party enclosures. Intel’s NUC Elements is the company’s new modular PC initiative aimed to simplify system-level design while enabling OEMs to build ultra-compact desktop computers. NUC Elements modules are based on Intel’s U-series Core, Celer[..]

Quick Bytes: Qualcomm’s Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Demo with 5G and 4G

One of the key elements of any new wireless coverage standard is how to carve up the frequency spectrum. We’ve covered in previous articles that 5G will operate in different frequency ranges in different countries, due to different regulations, but one of the other key areas to discuss is where the intended frequency ranges for 5G overlap with spectrum already allocated for the 4G market. When this sort of thing has occurred with new wireless technologies, each part of the spectrum was ringfenced for obviou[..]

NAND Flash Revenue Peaks in Q3 Amid Production Cuts & Outages

Despite cuts in wafer starts by almost all NAND producers, and even disruptions in Kioxia (former Toshiba Memory) and Western Digital's fab operations, analysts estimate that bit shipments of NAND increased in the third quarter. Luckily for manufacturers, so did demand, which helped to keep the actual average selling price of NAND between between flat and -10%, depending on the manufacturer. Avid readers know that as flash manufacturers transition to higher-density 3D NAND flash architectures with more laye[..]

Qualcomm Goes For The Mid-Range: Snapdragon 765 and 765G

The first day of Qualcomm’s annual Snapdragon Tech Summit is often the teaser day: a slow entry into the rest of the event where the technical aspects of the announcements are disclosed. What the teaser day does is often give us the names of Qualcomm’s future products, and today we have that – one of the announcements was the name of the Snapdragon 765 and 765G chips, with an integrated 5G modem on the silicon. We’ll get more details about the hardware tomorrow, but there’s a few things today that have been[..]

GELID Unveils SubZero M.2 XL: A DIY Cooling System for M.2-22110 SSDs

GELID has introduced a rather unusual product: an aftermarket heatsink designed for SSDs that use the server/workstation-oriented M.2-22110 form-factor. The SubZero M.2 XL aluminum heatsink is shipped with two thermal pads as well as silicon fixtures and is designed to keep these drives from overheating and and performing more consistently under high loads The majority of client SSDs these days use an M.2-2280 form-factor, as this is the largest drive that most desktops and virtually all notebooks can accom[..]

Quick Bytes: Qualcomm on 5G Deployment Status

It has been hard to avoid the concept of 5G, and for this year and last year, Qualcomm has used its Snapdragon Tech Summit to showcase where they are for deployment, and what areas are next. In this year’s presentation, Qualcomm stated that there are 40+ operators with some form of 5G enablement globally, and 325+ further operators in 109 countries investing in future 5G deployments. They most talked about areas with some form of 5G are notably Korea, Switzerland, areas of China, and areas of the US. Other [..]

Honor Announces MagicBook 14 & 15: AMD Ryzen Inside

Right on the heels of the MateBook D announcement, Huawei’s daughter company Honor has introduced its own MagicBook 14 and MagicBook 15 notebooks. The eye-catching machines look very similar to Huawei's machines, however they exclusively use AMD's Ryzen APUs. Honor often favors stylish designs for their products, and MagicBook 14 and MagicBook 15 laptops are no exception. Both machines come in similar aluminum chassis with Mystic Silver or Space Gray finish as well as blue accents on the edges. As the names[..]

Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit Live Blog: Day One

Today is the start of Qualcomm's three-day annual Snapdragon Tech Summit. Day one historically is where Qualcomm goes into detail about how the company is performing, and this year will be particularly important with respect to how 5G deployment has progressed, ready for next generation 5G devices, which we're also going to start to hear about. I'm sat here in the front row, and the event will start shortly.

Amazon Announces Graviton2 SoC Along With New AWS Instances: 64-Core Arm With Large Performance Uplifts

We only recently reported on the story that Amazon are designing a custom server SoC based on Arm’s Neoverse N1 CPU platforms, only for Amazon to now officially announce the new Graviton2 processor as well as AWS instances based on the new hardware. AWS Re:Invent Event Twitter The new Graviton2 SoC is a custom design by Amazon’s own in-house silicon design teams and is a successor to the first-generation Graviton chip. The new chip quadruples the core count from 16 cores to 64 cores and employs Arm’s newest[..]

A Different Kind of Transparency

When we announced the Librem 5 crowdfunding campaign we promised we would publish the Librem 5 hardware schematics when we ship. That promise is also rooted in our articles of incorporation to release schematics of any hardware we author. We’ve shipped the first Librem 5 phones from the Birch batch to backers and photos, videos […] The post A Different Kind of Transparency appeared first on Purism.

AWS DeepComposer Enables Developers to Get Hands-On with Generative AI

At the kickoff for AWS re:Invent, Dr. Matt Wood, vice president of artificial intelligence (AI) at Amazon Web Services, announced AWS DeepComposer, the world’s first machine learning-enabled keyboard for developers to get hands-on with generative AI. Generative AI is one of the most fascinating advancements in AI technology because of its ability to create something new: … Continued The post AWS DeepComposer Enables Developers to Get Hands-On with Generative AI appeared first on Intel Newsroom.

Cherry’s Secure Board 1.0 Encrypts Every Keystroke & Has Smart Card Reader

Security is one of the primary concerns for many organizations these days, so makers of hardware and software have been responding in-kind with new security features baked into their products. To that end, Cherry has introduced a new keyboard that has a smart card reader and can encrypt every keystroke to prevent keylogging. The Cherry Secure Board 1.0 is a classic looking black or white keyboard with inexpensive rubber dome switches (which Cherry calls LPK) that has an integrated Class 2 reader for ISO 781[..]

Acer Launches Rugged Chromebook Spin 311: An 11.6-Inch AMD A4-Based 2-in-1

Acer has started sales of its new rugged convertible Chromebook laptop for corporate and educational markets. The Chromebook Spin 311 brings together a low price tag, sturdy design, and a 10-hour battery life. Acer’s Chromebook Spin 311 R721T comes equipped with a Corning Gorilla Glass-protected 11.6-inch multitouch IPS LCD with a 1366x768 resolution. The 2-in-1 has rather thick bezels, which makes the laptop noticeably bulkier. Being an inexpensive AMD-powered Chromebook, the PC is based on AMD’s entry-lev[..]

Imagination Announces A-Series GPU Architecture: "Most Important Launch in 15 Years"

There are very few companies in the world able to claim a history in the graphics market dating back to the “golden age” of the 90’s. Among the handful of survivors of that era are of course NVIDIA and AMD (formerly ATI), but there is also Imagination Technologies. The company has been around since the early days of graphics accelerators and has seen a shifting industry. In the early to mid-2000’s the company moved away from the desktop space, instead focusing on offering GPU IP optimized for mobile devices[..]

Japan Display Develops 1.6-Inch Micro LED Display Module: 265 PPI & 3,000 Nits

Japan Display Inc. (JDI) announced this week that it has completed development of its first Micro LED module. The prototype of the Micro LED module, which is a potential building block for next generation displays and TVs, offers a 265 PPI pixel density. JDI will be demonstrating the module at Fintech Japan 2019 later this week. JDI’s Micro LED display prototype is a square module with a 1.6-inch diagonal, and offers a resolution of 300×300 pixels along with a maximum brightness of 3,000 nits. The prototype[..]

Toshiba to Expand HDD Production: 20 TB & 10-Platter Drives Сoming

While hard drive sales on a unit basis have continued to decline, the drop hasn't been consistent across all segments of the market. In particular, high capacity drives for hyperscalers and other hosts continue to be a hot commodity, as their data storage needs continue to grow and there are few other alternatives. As such, Toshiba has announced that the company will actually be increasing its HDD production capacity, expanding one of its plants in Philippines to increase output of high-end helium-filled en[..]

AWS Designing a 32-Core Arm Neoverse N1 CPU for Cloud Servers

Amazon Web Services’s CPU design unit is working on a new multi-core processor for AWS servers. The new CPU is said to use Arm’s new Neoverse N1 architecture and would feature a considerably higher core-count when compared to AWS’s first-generation Graviton processor, which should result in a significant performance increase. The yet-to-be-named AWS CPU will be based on Arm’s Neoverse N1 microarchitecture and will integrate as many as 32 cores, according to Reuters, which cites two sources with knowledge of[..]

Intel Completes Sale of Smartphone Modem Business to Apple

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Dec. 2, 2019 – Intel Corporation today announced it has completed the sale of the majority of its smartphone modem business to Apple. This transaction, valued at $1 billion, was announced on July 25, 2019. As previously disclosed, this transaction enables Intel to focus on developing technology for 5G networks while retaining the … Continued The post Intel Completes Sale of Smartphone Modem Business to Apple appeared first on Intel Newsroom.

BOE to Triple Production of Smartphone AMOLED Panels

BOE has outlined a new set of aggressive plans to expand production of AMOLED display panels for mobile devices next year. The company has reasons to be optimistic as it is adding two AMOLED production lines to its fleet, yet their ramp to full capacity is something that remains to be seen.Meanwhile the company has also noted that LCD panel supply is outpacing demand, which makes AMOLED a much more lucrative market at this time.. At BOE’s annual Innovation Partner Conference last week, Chen Yanshun, chairma[..]

ChangXin Memory Technologies (CXMT) is Ramping up Chinese DRAM Using Qimonda IP

ChangXin Memory Technologies (CXMT), previously known as Innotron, has started production of computer memory using a 19 nm manufacturing technology. The company has a roadmap for at least two more 10 nm-class fabrication processes and plans to produce all types of DRAM in the future. Not only this, but CXMT has plans to build two additional fabs to boost its output. Chinese authorities nowadays invest heavily in various high-tech companies as part of the country’s Made in China 2025 project. Because China c[..]

Fireside Interview on 5G with Cristano Amon and Alex Katouzian, Qualcomm

A little while back, ahead of Qualcomm’s upcoming Tech Summit, we spoke to President of Qualcomm Cristano Amon and SVP/GM of Qualcomm’s Mobile Technologies Alex Katouzian. Qualcomm’s march in the high-end smartphone space during 2019 has been impressive, capturing all the flagship devices from companies that don’t build their own silicon. 2019 has been a key arena for 5G as well, with over 150 5G smartphones coming to market all on Qualcomm solutions. Then there’s the little matter of Windows on Snapdragon,[..]

Junk or Treasure? We Tested Amazon’s Cheapest Black Friday Desktop PC, only $60!

Some Black Friday deals are wild. A store might offer only a couple of units of a particular TV, discounted by 66%. There might be a few pieces of a flagship smartphone at your local electronics store at half price. These are designed to entice customers through the door, and if you’re brave enough, ensure the cold for up to 12 hours to get that bargain of the year. But one of the key observations about looking at Amazon’s Computing and Components section every Black Friday, particularly this year, is that [..]

Black Friday 2019 Laptop Specials

Get 10% off Librem Laptops It’s Black Friday! Get 10% off the base Librem 13 v4 and Librem 15 v4 laptops. If you’re looking for added security choose a Pureboot bundle or our anti-interdiction services from the firmware drop-down on the configuration page. Shipping is on us too! We offer free international shipping to pretty […] The post Black Friday 2019 Laptop Specials appeared first on Purism.