How Peloton’s ad got made (a short play)

The Internet is having a field day with Peloton’s silly holiday ad. But underneath the barbs is an interesting question: How do ads like this get approved?

Adobe acquires Oculus Medium VR sculpting app

Adobe is the new home for the Oculus Medium sculpting app, which Facebook originally launched three years ago.

How to push Devices and drives to the top in This PC on Windows 10

This PC is one of the two locations that File Explorer can open to by default. The other location is Quick Access. This PC features three types of items; folders, Devices and drives, and Network locations. Folders appear at the top and lists library folders like Downloads and Pictures and Desktop, Devices and drives appears […] Read How to push Devices and drives to the top in This PC on Windows 10 by Fatima Wahab on AddictiveTips - Tech tips to make you smarter

Content Rated By: An Oral History of the ESRB excerpt — “Chairman of the TBD”

"We strongly believe it’s time [for] the creation of a universal, responsible, reliable, understandable and independent rating system."

How to check which apps are keeping a Mac from sleep

Apps can keep a Mac from going to sleep if their functionality calls for it. A browser may prevent an app from going to sleep if it’s downloading a file. Similarly, an app that is playing media may also prevent macOS from entering the sleep state since users will not interact with the device while […] Read How to check which apps are keeping a Mac from sleep by Fatima Wahab on AddictiveTips - Tech tips to make you smarter

Epic Games Store devs can now choose their own in-game payment processor

Developers can now use Epic Games Store with an external payment processor. This enables games to accept in-app purchases in more territories.

Event marketing tech reveals what attendees actually care about (VB Live)

Learn how event marketing technology can help boost your ROI and let enable you win demonstrable results in this VB Live event!

Shovel Knight director Sean Velasco digs into Yacht Club Games’ past and future

With Shovel Knight: King of Cards and Showdown nearing release, I was excited to have a chance to talk with Shovel Knight director Sean Velasco.

How to turn off notifications on your Mac

Do Not Disturb is a great tool to help you turn off notifications and block distractions on your Mac. Learn how to use it and you’ll see your focus improve and interruptions decline.

How to enter file or folder paths with spaces in Command Prompt on Windows 10

We share a lot of tips and tricks that involve running commands in Command Prompt on Windows 10. A lot of common things, such as pinging a server, or checking the status of your network switch are done vie Command Prompt. If you’re not comfortable using the Command Prompt beyond commands that are already written […] Read How to enter file or folder paths with spaces in Command Prompt on Windows 10 by Fatima Wahab on AddictiveTips - Tech tips to make you smarter

The Surface Book 3 might have room for a touchscreen in the keyboard deck

A patent shows that Microsoft might be considering adding a secondary touchscreen to the keyboard part of a device with a detachable screen — one that looks like a lot the Surface Book 3.

FreedomPop Buyer’s Guide

FreedomPop is a Wi-fi first carrier alternative to the big name networks. Here's what you should know about the MVNO that uses AT&T and Sprint towers.

AI Weekly: Amazon plays the long game in health care AI

Amazon is making moves in the AI health care space, most recently on the Alexa and Amazon Web Services side of its business.

TLC vs. QLC NAND: Pick the best memory technology for your storage application

QLC flash paves the way for larger and cheaper SSDs. But it isn't the right choice for every application. We explain why TLC and QLC complement each other.

ProBeat: We already know what to expect from Sundar Pichai’s Alphabet

Sundar Pichai is now CEO of Google and CEO of Alphabet. This transition didn't happen overnight, so don't expect any drastic changes.

Dell Inspiron 27 7790 all-in-one review: Half PC, half TV

Console gamers will find lots to love with Dell's Inspiron 27 7790. This all-in-one desktop lets you connect an Xbox or PlayStation to play games.

Cresuer Touchwave wireless earbuds can be yours for just $28

These Cresuer earbuds are perfect for on-the-go types, offer Bluetooth 5 connectivity, and are protected against dust, rain, or sweat. And they're on sale!

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Summit underlined the risks of relying on partners

At 2019's Snapdragon Tech Summit, Qualcomm demonstrated that its chips can power amazing experiences -- but real products depend substantially on partners.

Facebook’s Hanabi-playing AI achieves state-of-the-art results

Facebook AI Research says it's created AI that achieves near-perfect results in the game Hanabi, something they hope leads to AI better understanding humans

PerceptiLabs’ drag-and-drop interface makes ML modeling easier and faster

A clean and simple interface can accelerate machine learning modeling, saving data scientists time and saving businesses money.

Snoop Dogg is in NHL 20 and his own LucidSound gaming headset

Snoop Dogg has a new headset from LucidSound that is pretty great and serve all of your audio needs. He's also in NHL 20 for some reason?

Review: Teracube – the phone with a four year warranty and white glove service

How often do you upgrade your phone? If you’re like most Americans, that upgrade cycle tends to run between one and two years. Sometimes, we get the rare person who stretches it out to three years, but that seems to be about the limit. There are plenty of reasons to upgrade your device. Maybe the […]

The DeanBeat: GamesBeat Summit 2020’s first speakers on the Dawn of a New Generation

GamesBeat Summit 2020 will take place on April 28-29 in Los Angeles at the Two Bit Circus, a "micro-amusement park" that is part circus and part VR arcade.

Google Assistant can now share photos, search podcasts, and make notes with third-party apps

Google Assistant can now share photos on Android devices, create notes and lists with third-party productivity apps, and search podcasts by topic.

Choosing an iPhone Is About to Get Way Too Complicated

The current iPhone generation consists of three different models, so choosing the right iPhone really shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do. And the differences between these three models makes the whole job even easier, as iPhone 11 comes with LCD and a dual-camera configuration, while the more premium iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max feature OLED and a triple-camera setup among other things. But buying an iPhone could become a lot more complicated beginning as soon as 2020, as Apple is planning to make a series o[..]

Zenia is using computer vision to build an AI-driven fitness trainer

Zenia is a mobile fitness app that uses machine learning, computer vision, and motion tracking to help improve your yoga moves.

New ‘shady’ research from MIT uses shadows to see what cameras can’t

What if you could look at an existing video and determine what was happening just beyond the camera's view? That's the idea behind new research from MIT that uses shadows to recreate the objects that lie outside the frame.

MIT CSAIL’s AI can reconstruct hidden movement from video footage alone

Researchers say they've developed a system that can reconstruct hidden videos from the shadows and reflections on an observed pile of clutter.

MacBook Pro 16 suffers audio ‘popping’ and display ghosting issues

A number of users have reported issues with Apple’s brand-new MacBook Pro 16, including audio “popping” and display ghosting. Apple is reportedly working on a fix.

HP Chromebooks for work and home: The best of Amazon’s 12 Days of Deals

Scrolling through today's Amazon 12 Days of Deals selections we found appealing discounts on two HP Chromebooks. Chromebooks start quickly, have superior battery life, and cost less than Windows notebooks, Macbooks and Microsoft Surface.

Temple Gates Games launches beta signups for Roll for the Galaxy

The award-winning board game, Roll for the Galaxy, is making its way to phones, tablets and PC soon. Temple Gates Games is launching beta signups.

How to fix the “Update Apple ID Settings” bug in MacOS Catalina

If you need to fix the “update Apple ID settings” bug in MacOS Catalina, you’re in the right place – we’ll tell you how to squash this bug once and for all.

Hands-On with Clips 2.1: Memoji and Animoji Support, Plus New Sticker Face Tracking and More

Apple has released the first big update in over a year for its Clips video creation tool. Following the trend begun in iOS 12, which added Animoji support to FaceTime, now all Animoji and Memoji characters can also be used inside Clips. Though I would have expected such an update a year ago, it’s nevertheless […]

Lilium flying taxis go live in 2025: ‘This is how you’re going to experience the future’

Lilium expects to have fleets of flying taxis in the air by 2025. This new form of mobility could revolutionize people's sense of place and distance.

AI today and the world tomorrow

A 12-part video series features some of the world's leading AI researchers from the likes of Google, Uber, and Giphy sharing mind-blowing advances in AI.

Apple Will Have an iPhone for Everyone with Five-Model 2020 Lineup

Buying an iPhone in late 2020 is likely to get a lot more complicated, as Apple wants to expand the smartphone lineup to no less than five different models. This is according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from TF International Securities, who already has a good track on Apple scoops. Kuo says the 2020 iPhone generation will include a total of five configurations, as it follows. 2020 iPhone lineup First of all, it’s the iPhone SE 2 the one that will see daylight in the spring. Based on the iPhone 8, the second-gen[..]

Facebook sues Hong Kong’s ILikeAd over alleged ad fraud

Facebook has sued a Hong Kong company that it said baited people into clicking on celebrities’ photos and bogus advertising links, to install malware.

‘Ridiculously expensive’: Confessions of an ad buyer on addressable TV ads

"People moving away from watching TV via set-top boxes to apps will be what pushes addressable TV further up media plans," says our informant. The post ‘Ridiculously expensive’: Confessions of an ad buyer on addressable TV ads appeared first on Digiday.

Rensselaer focuses IBM’s AiMOS supercomputer on machine learning

IBM's AiMOS, which was recently delivered to the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, is the 24th-fastest supercomputer in the world.

Publishers ride steep discounts over the holiday shopping weekend

Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts of 50% or greater drove record-breaking subscriber growth for some publishers. They insist that absorbing a lower price is worth it -- to bring them the right kinds of customers. The post Publishers ride steep discounts over the holiday shopping weekend appeared first on Digiday.

Inside TripAdvisor’s pitch to media buyers

In 2018, TripAdvisor media advertising revenue was $153 million. The company believes it is currently under indexed by advertisers and is looking to double its advertising revenue in the next three to five years. The post Inside TripAdvisor’s pitch to media buyers appeared first on Digiday.

London calling: Reddit revs up its pitch for UK ad buyers

Reddit has a huge audience but thus far lacks an office in the UK, holding back its efforts to make inroads there. Yet at least one agency is expecting the social media giant to open a London perch by 2020's second quarter. The post London calling: Reddit revs up its pitch for UK ad buyers appeared first on Digiday.

‘It’s a crowded landscape’: Why some publishers have abandoned holiday pop-ups

For a few years now, publishers have dabbled in holiday pop-ups as a creative way to tap new revenue streams. This fall some publishers scrapped the tradition. The post ‘It’s a crowded landscape’: Why some publishers have abandoned holiday pop-ups appeared first on Digiday.

Apple Releases Beta 4 of iOS 13.3, iPadOS 13.3, tvOS 13.3, and watchOS 6.1.1

Apple released today the fourth beta of its upcoming iOS 13.3, iPadOS 13.3, tvOS 13.3, and watchOS 6.1.1 software updates for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch devices. Two weeks after the previous beta builds, Apple has seeded today the iOS 13.3 beta 4, iPadOS 13.3 beta 4, tvOS 13.3 beta 4, and watchOS 6.1.1 beta 4 builds to registered developers with a paid and active account through the company's Apple Developer portal. Those running the beta 3 versions, are recommended to update their devices[..]

You don’t have to share your phone number for Facebook logins anymore

In Latin America, Asia, and Africa, Facebook now lets users opt out of sharing their phone number for login and account recovery purposes.

My greedy hands are full of books! (Made With Creative Commons) @ccmx @creativecommons @xattack @scannopolis

FINALLY! Made with Creative Commons is translated to Spanish, printed, and available! Over two years after starting the project, 976 commits, getting involved in long processes (besides the scope we originally envisioned, such as waiting for the translation to be refereed or going over two quite long rounds of copyediting), after leading a team of five translators to Spanish and working closely with a similar team that's quite close to publishing the equivalent translation in Norwegian... Behold! I won't ge[..]

Metro Buyer’s Guide

Here's a look at the current situation at Metro, a T-Mobile prepaid brand. Learn about its rate plans, phone selection, and limited time deals.

How to set default apps on macOS

macOS has some of the best apps for everyday tasks but that doesn’t mean everyone loves or uses them. Lots of people still prefer to use Chrome instead of Safari on macOS. Likewise, not everyone uses the default Mail app either. Here’s how you can change default apps on macOS. We’re going to detail the […] Read How to set default apps on macOS by Fatima Wahab on AddictiveTips - Tech tips to make you smarter

The RetroBeat: Learning to love PlayStation after years of bitterness

While Sony may be celebrating 25 years of PlayStation, I'm toasting to a much shorter period of time as a fan of the brand.

Apple Says It Will Add an iOS Kill Switch for Location Services on iPhone 11

Apple has confirmed that it plans to add a new option in iOS settings to allow iPhone 11 owners to completely disable and block location services on their devices. As we reported the other day, Apple's iPhone 11 Pro was caught using location services despite these being individually disabled for all apps and system services in iOS settings, so you can imagine that this raise a lot of concerns about the level of privacy Apple offers for its devices. Of course, this applies to the entire iPhone 11 line up, no[..]