Latest Career Articles from Techworld
Latest Career Articles from Techworld
Novak Djokovic's coach explains how data helps wins tennis Grand Slams

Strategy coach Craig O'Shaughnessy serves Djokovic a digestible diet of video analysis.

Uber UK chair: our drivers aren't making "total dirt"

Veteran banker Laurel Powers-Freeling sought to dispel "myths" about the ride hailing company, using research penned by... Uber

Most inspiring black women in UK tech

As gender diversity still lags in UK tech, here are some black women striving for change.

What do developers get paid around the world?

Code First: Girls is on a mission to teach every young woman to code

Code First: Girls' new CEO, Anna Brailsford, talks about her career in edtech and how the charity plans to tens of thousands more girls to code

Tech jobs of the future: five IT careers that don't exist yet

Seven things developers should do before going freelance

Two years on and the number of UK female VCs remains stubbornly static

Findings from the latest Diversity VC report show that the number of women at senior levels has remained static and that a third of all UK investors went to Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Stanford or a prominent business school

How Talentful uses culture-matching to build better workforces

Talentful co-CEO and founder explains how the company is looking to disrupt the recruitment industry with its new ‘culture-matching’ jobseeker platform

We spoke to the first batch of interns on the Future VC programme

We spoke to the first batch of interns from Diversity VC's first-of-its kind venture capital internship programme aimed at candidates from diverse and non-traditional backgrounds about what they hope to gain from the programme

Best online courses for Python

The UK's 15 most in-demand programming languages

EF's Alice Bentinck talks #MovingForward and diversity

The Entrepreneur First cofounder talks #MeToo, #MovingForward, the importance of clear policies and codes of conduct in the early-stage technology industry and what next for the talent investor

Advertised tech salaries increase for the third year in a row

Advertised tech salaries grow for third year in row, with PHP developers, java developers and data scientists experiencing biggest increase

We looked for the changing face of UK VC - here's what we found

We set out to speak to 12 women in the UK venture capital industry about their routes into the industry, how things are changing and their plans to keep recent momentum around greater industry diversity and inclusion going

A Q&A with Cassandra Harris, advisor at The Billion Dollar Fund

We spoke to Cassandra Harris, advisor at The Billion Dollar Fund to discuss her experience during her career in VC and her work to embrace diversity and get more funding flowing to female-led businesses

A Q&A with Siobhan Clarke, partner at Episode1 ventures

We sat down with Siobhan Clarke, a partner at Episode 1 to discuss her career in VC and the importance of diversity and inclusion in the indsutry

A Q&A with Suzanne Ashman-Blair, partner at LocalGlobe

We spoke with LocalGlobe partner Suzanne Ashman-Blair about her experience working in the UK VC industry

A Q&A with Esther Rodriguez, investor at Oxford Capital

We sat down with Oxford Capital investor Esther Rodriguez to talk about what it is like to be a young woman in the UK VC industry

How to hire the best employees for your startup

How to avoid diversity debt and scale inclusion with your startup

Some practical advice to build diversity and inclusion into your hiring process from day one and avoid building up 'diversity debt'

Highest paying tech employers in the UK 2019

Research from job seeking site Glassdoor shows that technology companies make up six of the top ten highest paying employers, rubbing shoulders with big banks and asset managers

A Q&A with Laura Connell: Principal at Balderton Capital

We sat down with Balderton Capital principal Laura Connell to talk about diversity in UK venture capital and why she jumped at the chance to lead on the UK's first ever liquidity fund

A Q&A with Maren Bannon, cofounder and partner at Jane VC

We sat down with Maren Bannon, the London-based cofounder of Jane VC, a US venture capital firm focused on investment in female founders

How Tech London Advocates addresses the investor to startup disconnect

Tech London Advocates founder says startups lack of access to funding could be a result of Brexit

DXW launches returners’ programme to tackle digital skills shortage

The private UK-based DXW has launched a returners' programme in the midst of a national digital skills shortage

How to start a podcast

Here is our guide to launching your own podcast

A Q&A with Anya Navidski, founder and CEO of Voulez Capital

Techworld sat down with Anya Navidksi, the founder of Voulez Capital to talk about diversity and inclusion in the venture capital industry

Q&A with Megumi Ikeda, managing director of Hearst Ventures Europe

Techworld talks with Megumi Ikeda about her career in VC and how her journey as a woman in the industry has developer so far

Femstreet's founder Sarah Noeckel talks about the growing community

In this Q&A, founder Sarah Noeckel tells Techworld about Femstreet, the growing community of women in tech and VC, and the changing face of the industry

A Q&A with Eight Roads investor & Diversity VC cofounder, Lillian Li

Techworld sat down with Lillian Li, the investor at Eight Roads Ventures and a cofounder of non-profit Diversity VC about how she got into the industry, how she is helping it change from a diversity and inclusion perspective and what she looks for in a good investment

Avora CEO explains how to handle the stresses of founding a startup

The experienced business founder says entrepreneurs shouldn't underestimate stress levels and possible challenges

A Q&A with Check Warner, cofounder of Diversity VC

Techworld sat down with Check Warner to talk about her career in VC and why she felt the need to set up Diversity VC to confront some of the industry's biggest issues

A Q&A with Ophelia Brown, founder of VC fund Blossom Capital

Techworld sat down with Ophelia Brown to talk about her new fund Blossom Capital, her VC career to date and how the industry is changing for the better from a diversity and inclusion perspective

Meet the woman behind London's Ladies in VC WhatsApp group

The venture capital industry is not famed for its gender diversity, but a fast growing group of women are connecting via WhatsApp. Techworld speaks with Elena Mustatea on the origins of the group, and its impact.

How UK's tech industry can tackle the issue of gender imbalance

To mark International Women's Day, we look at what the UK's tech sector needs to do to improve the gender balance

10 reasons why you should work for a startup

The best female-led tech meetups in the UK

Career tips: How to become a great IT freelancer

How to invest in startups

Best online courses to learn Google Go

How to stay motivated as a developer