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SpaceX Launches and Destroys Rocket in Astronaut Escape Test

No one was aboard for the wild ride above Cape Canaveral, just two mannequins

The 8 Video Games We Can’t Wait to Play in 2020

From 'Cyberpunk 2077' to a brand new 'Animal Crossing'

Apple Is Once Again Under Pressure to Help the FBI Unlock a Shooter’s iPhone. Here’s What to Know

Apple says it's helping, but the feds say it isn't doing enough

YouTube Has Been ‘Actively Promoting’ Videos Spreading Climate Denialism, According to New Report

YouTube has been “actively promoting” videos containing misinformation about climate change, a report released Thursday by campaign group Avaaz claims, despite recent policy changes by the platform intended to drive users away from harmful content and conspiracy theories. Avaaz examined 5,537 videos retrieved by the search terms “climate change,” global warming” and “climate manipulation,” and…

The NSA Could’ve Used This Major Windows Security Flaw for Intel Work. Instead, It Told Microsoft About it

The company said it has not seen any evidence that hackers have used the technique

Sony Showed Up to CES With a Radically Different Concept Car. A Top Executive Told Us Why

TIME spoke to Sony Electronics President Mike Fasulo at CES about what the Vision-S means for Sony's future.

Forget What You Think You Know About Blue Light and Sleep

It’s become a virtually unchallenged piece of conventional wisdom that exposure to blue light—the type emitted by electronic device screens—is bad for sleep. That thinking has spurred a mini-industry of innovations meant to stop those effects, like warm-toned “night mode” settings on gadgets and glasses that claim to block blue light. But in December, a…

How AI (and Mushrooms) Are Helping Fight Poverty in China’s Most Remote Villages

A mushroom forager in rural China has become an internet celebrity — and a successful businesswoman — thanks to an AI-powered app

If You Love Netflix’s The Witcher, Try the Video Game it’s Based On

'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt' is great for fans even if you're not a big gamer

Facebook Still Won’t Fact-Check Political Ads Headed Into Election Season

Instead, the company will allow users the option to see less political ads on their feed

The 25 Best Products of CES 2020

From Samsung's robotic ball companion to radical new kinds of PCs and cars

Ivanka Trump’s Appearance at CES Tech Show Draws Criticism

The choice drew scorn from many women in technology

The Lenovo Fold X1 Is a Brilliant Foldable PC. But Will Anybody Want One?

"Foldables" are all the rage at CES 2020. Will they be a hit with consumers?

Sex Tech Might Just Be the Biggest New Thing at CES 2020

The show will allow space for sex tech companies as a one-year trial

Carlos Ghosn, Now a Fugitive, Was an Electric-Car Visionary

One of the more riveting news stories this past week was former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn leaving Japan and flying to Lebanon. Ghosn has been charged with financial misconduct and was due to face a trial in April; apparently, he’s jumped his bail. Before Ghosn’s fall from grace, he was viewed in many circles as…

Facebook Announces Plans to Ban Some ‘Deepfake’ Videos

But new rules won't impact content deemed parody or satire, or clips edited just to change the order of words

The U.S. Is Restricting Exports of AI for Analyzing Satellite Images

New export rules will target emerging technology that could give the U.S. a significant military or intelligence advantage.

These 6 Tech Tools Will Help You Actually Keep Your 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

Whether you want to get more exercise or save more money

President Trump Has Signed a Law to Reduce Robocalls. What Does It Mean For Your Phone?

The measure should help reduce the torrent of unwanted calls, though it won't make them all disappear

20 Years Later, the Y2K Bug Seems Like a Joke—Because Those Behind the Scenes Took It Seriously

Some of the fixes put in place in 1999 are still used today to keep the world’s computer systems running smoothly

Sharon Stone Says Dating App Bumble Thought Her Profile Was Fake and Blocked Her

Hollywood actress Sharon Stone got blocked on Bumble after several users complained that her profile was fake, prompting the “Basic Instinct” star to reach out to the match-making app on Twitter to say that she is the real deal. Bumble has yet to reply on Twitter. I went on the @bumble dating sight and they…

China Says It Will Complete Its Competitor to GPS in the First Half of Next Year

Project director Ran Chengqi said the project was "serving the world and benefiting mankind"

How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Identify Thousands of Unknown Civil War Soldiers

And in 2020 the site is planning to add a new feature

The 10 Best Gadgets of the 2010s

From the iPad to the Tesla Model S

Ring Recommends Users Update Their Home Security System Passwords After String of Hacking Incidents

Hackers were able to gain control — and in some cases, speak through — Ring security cameras

Activists and LGBTQ Groups Say These Facebook Ads Spread Dangerous Misinformation About HIV Drugs

In an open letter, more than 50 groups are asking Facebook to remove the targeted ads

‘Fully Loaded,’ Apple’s New Desktop Mac Pro Costs Over $52,000 — and Don’t Forget the $400 Wheels

To increase the computer’s RAM memory from 32 gigabytes to 1.5 terabytes is $25,000 extra

Testing Tech in Public? San Francisco Says Get a Permit First

Legislation on technology testing would be the first of its kind in the U.S.

SpaceX Delivers ‘Mighty Mice,’ Pest-Killing Worms and a Smart Robot to International Space Station

It marks the third visit for this recycled Dragon

Reddit Says Leaked U.S.-U.K. Trade Documents Posted on the Site Are Linked to a Russian Information Campaign

The site said it is banning one subreddit and 61 accounts for breaking Reddit's policies

Elon Musk Not Guilty in Defamation Lawsuit Brought by British Caver Over ‘Pedo Guy’ Tweet

Musk's lawyers had argued he wasn’t literally calling Unsworth a pedophile

Social Media Failing to Stop Manipulated Engagement and Accounts: NATO Researchers

The report found some profiles stayed online weeks later, even after reported fake

Here Are the 10 Best PlayStation 4 Games to Play Right Now

From 'Bloodborne' to 'Persona 5'

Apple Announced Its Picks for Best Apps of 2019

Apple’s picks for best apps and games of 2019 — at least on Apple devices

Thinking of Buying a 4K TV? Here’s What You Should Know

It's possible to see through the cloud of jargon and buzzwords to pick the best TV for you

Twitter Backs Down From Plan To Delete Inactive Accounts, Citing Dead Users

Twitter has backed off a plan to purge inactive accounts after a backlash from people pointing out that it would cull most dead people’s tweet archives. The social media site had announced it would, on Dec. 11, deactivate all accounts that had not signed in at any point during the past six months. But on…

TikTok Restores Account of New Jersey Teen Who Criticized China’s Treatment of Uighur Muslims

The app apologized and called the suspended account a "human moderation error"

Facebook Says It’s Removing More Hate Speech Than Ever Before. But There’s a Catch

On Nov. 13, Facebook announced with great fanfare that it was taking down substantially more posts containing hate speech from its platform than ever before. Facebook removed more than seven million instances of hate speech in the third quarter of 2019, the company claimed, an increase of 59% against the previous quarter. More and more…

The Best Black Friday Tech and Gadget Deals 2019

If you’re hoping to load up on iPads, AirPods, Pixel 4s, laptops and Fitbits: now is the time

Web Inventor Has an Ambitious Plan to Take Back the Net

Tim Berners-Lee wants to combat the growing prevalence of misinformation, surveillance and censorship.

The New ‘Armor Glass’ Windows on Elon Musk’s New Tesla Cybertruck Weren’t All They Were Cracked Up to Be

Elon Musk’s big reveal of his new Tesla “Cybertruck” cracked up Thursday night when he tried to demonstrate the vehicle’s shatterproof “armor glass.” Broadcasting on a livestream, Musk talked about how strong the new Tesla was and was joined on stage by Franz von Holzhuasen, Tesla’s chief designer, wielding a metal ball. Then Musk asked…

Google to Limit Who Can Be Targeted by Political Advertising

The company will no longer be able to base ads on users' political affiliations

How We Chose the 100 Best Inventions of 2019

Every year, TIME highlights the Best Inventions that are making the world better, smarter and even a bit more fun. (See last year’s list here.) To assemble our 2019 list, we solicited nominations across a variety of categories from our editors and correspondents around the world, as well as through an online application process. Then…

This New JetBlue Security Question Is Proving Almost Impossible to Answer. Or Is It?

'What is the name of your favorite child?'

Artificial Intelligence Could Help Solve America’s Impending Mental Health Crisis

Five years from now, the U.S.’ already overburdened mental health system may be short as many as 15,600 psychiatrists as the growth in demand for their services outpaces supply, according to a 2017 report from the National Council for Behavioral Health. But some proponents say that, by then, an unlikely tool—artificial intelligence—may be ready to…

What We Can Learn From the Near-Death of the Banana

Monocultures, when only a single variety is cultivated, are foreboding for more than just bananas. Here's how computer scientists have learned from their dangers as well.

Disney+ Adds Disclaimers, Content Warnings to Movies Featuring Racist Characters and Tropes

'This program is presented as originally created,' the disclaimer reads. 'It may contain outdated cultural depictions.'

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Carry the Franchise to a New Plateau

Welcome to the Galar Region

A Viral Tweet Accused Apple’s New Credit Card of Being ‘Sexist.’ Now New York State Regulators Are Investigating

Goldman Sachs, who issues the credit card, has denied wrongdoing

Microsoft’s Surface Pro X Is Pretty But Not Ready for Primetime

It's an ambitious effort, but the idea needs more work