Android 11 announcement delayed due to protests over police brutality

The Android 11 beta release date was just postponed, as Google decided to cancel the launch event it had planned for June 3rd. Google announced the change of schedule via Twitter, saying that "now is not the time to celebrate." The move comes in response to the wave of protests against police brutality that followed the murder of George Floyd. Google released the first Android 11 beta version a few weeks ago, but that's just the developer preview that usually precedes the formal introduction of a new Androi[..]

Vivo X50 series: Release date, price, news and rumours

The Vivo X50 will launch on June 1 in China, here is everything we know about the device. The specs, rumours, camera features, and more.

Sony will show off the first PlayStation 5 games on June 4th

Sony has been dishing out details on the PlayStation 5 piece-by-piece, rather than dropping all of the details at one big mega event. First came word of the Holiday 2020 release window. Then came an overview of the specs — like that it’ll have a super fast solid state drive by default. Most recently, they […]

Sony will require new PS4 games to run on PS5 starting in July

Leaked documentation shows that all PS4 games submitted to Sony for certification on or after July 13th need to have PS5 support. Developers that submit their games before July 13th won't be required to include PS5 support in future patches, but it will be "strongly recommended" by Sony. We might learn more about PS5 support at the showcase next Thursday. Fairly early on in the process of revealing the Xbox Series X, Microsoft made it clear that a vast majority of the titles that are playable on the Xbox On[..]

All new PS4 games have to work on PS5, orders Sony

Sony has told devs that new PS4 games will have to be PS5 compatible.

Sony announces a PlayStation 5 reveal — here’s what to expect

After months of trickling out information about the PlayStation 5, Sony‘s finally putting on a show. Specifically, it’s going to reveal some of the games that’ll be available on its new console. It’s likely not going to be a console reveal, but at least it’s something. Join us Thursday, June 4 at 1:00pm Pacific time for a look at the future of gaming on PlayStation 5: #PS5 — PlayStation (@PlayStation) May 29, 2020 The event will be held on June 4, a Tuesday[..]

Best Buy has so many hot deals that end today – here are the 10 best ones

A big Best Buy sale has been running all week long, but many of the best deals in this sales event will disappear at the end of the day on Friday. We've rounded up 10 of our favorite deals available right now on the Best Buy site so our readers have one last chance to get in on the action. Head over to our Deals channel on Friday and you'll find tons of terrific bargains that have been shared by the BGR Deals team. Highlights include the lowest price ever — just 35¢ each — for 3-layer coronavirus face masks[..]

Don't expect PS5-exclusive games to come to PS4 too

SIE president, Jim Ryan, has suggested that we won't see any of Sony's PS5-exclusives games coming to PS4.

TIDAL Adds Dolby Atmos Music Support to Apple TV, Sound Bars

TIDAL has added Dolby Atmos Music support to its HiFi high quality audio subscription tier, allowing users to play music in advanced surround sound through their home cinema systems.

Sony PlayStation 5 Event Set for June 4: “The Future of Gaming”

Sony has announced it will hold a PS5 event on June 4, 2020.

Sony announces PS5 digital showcase for June 4th

Sony has announced a PlayStation 5 digital showcase that will take place on June 4th at 1 PM PT. Sony says that the PS5 showcase will run for "a bit more than an hour" and will feature games from large and small studios that have been working on games for the new console. This showcase is part of a series of PS5 updates, which means there will be more to share later. At long last, Sony announced its first major PlayStation 5 showcase on Friday. In a blog post, Sony revealed that it will host a digital event[..]

PS5 games reveal event confirmed for June 4

Sony has confirmed we'll be getting our first look at PS5 games on June 4.

This rugged smartphone has a massive 10,000mAh battery and it's on sale right now

Plenty of features for not a lot of money.

Every free PlayStation 4 game you can download in June

Sony has announced the free PlayStation 4 games it will be giving away in June. PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download Call of Duty: WWII and Star Wars Battlefront II for free from Tuesday, June 2nd through Monday, July 6th. Call of Duty: WWII normally costs $59.99, while Star Wars Battlefront II retails for $19.99. According to the latest reports, Sony will finally pull back the curtain on the PlayStation 5 next week, but PlayStation fans don't have to wait that long for good news, as this m[..]

Xbox Series X Will Play Games From Every Xbox Generation

The Xbox Series X is shaping up to be a powerful console this coming generation. Earlier today in a blog post, Director of Program Management for the console Jason Ronald dove deep into all the power it would deliver. The biggest takeaway is that it will play games from every single Xbox console generation. So [...] Read More... The post Xbox Series X Will Play Games From Every Xbox Generation appeared first on Android Headlines.

Sony Rumored To Showcase The PlayStation 5 At June 3 Event

Sony may be holding a special reveal event on June 3 to officially showcase the PlayStation 5. That's according to a new report from Bloomberg who cites people familiar with Sony's plans. June 3 is also a tentative date for the PlayStation 5 reveal event, as Sony may decide to push the date out a [...] Read More... The post Sony Rumored To Showcase The PlayStation 5 At June 3 Event appeared first on Android Headlines.

PS5 reveal event next week might be even bigger than expected

Sony is expected to host a long-awaited PS5 reveal event on Wednesday, June 3rd. According to gaming journalist Alanah Pearce, Sony has planned multiple events already this year, but ended up scrapping them all because they weren't "professional" enough. Pearce says the PS5 event might be "huge" and have "a lot of games" and "some reveals." Barring any major disruptions, Sony will finally host its first major PlayStation 5 event on Wednesday, June 3rd. While Microsoft has been regularly sharing news about t[..]

Sony exec touts PS5 exclusive games while Xbox pushes 'choice, value'

A new console generation is just around the corner, and with it comes a new battle over whose strategy is better, and which one better serves gamers. Earlier, Sony announced an event next week where it will show off “the future of gaming on PlayStati...

Tidal Debuts Dolby Atmos Music Support for Apple TV 4K

Music streaming service Tidal is bringing Dolby Atmos Music to Dolby Atmos-enabled devices like TVs, sound bars, speakers, and, notable for Apple users, the 4K Apple TV. Apple's 4K Apple TV, released in 2017, supports Dolby Atmos, a feature that brings more immersive sound for content when the Apple TV is paired with a Dolby Atmos soundbar or receiver and speakers. According to Dolby, Tidal support for Dolby Atmos is rolling out to compatible television streaming boxes as of today. Support is available for [..]

Sony Xperia 1 II phone camera review: You had me at eye autofocus - CNET

With a $1,200 price tag, Sony's new flagship brings more mirrorless camera features to your pocket.

Photos taken from the Sony Xperia 1 II - CNET

The Sony Xperia 1 II is aimed at creative types, especially people who are into photography and videography. Its most compelling feature is that it can be controlled and operated like a camera. Here are a bunch of photos taken with it.

Sony reportedly tells devs to make new PS4 games work on PS5 - CNET

Games submitted to Sony after July 13 will need to be forwards-compatible with the PS5, a report says.

Sony confirms PS5 will have exclusive games playable only on next-gen hardware

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge The PlayStation 5 will have one selling point Sony thinks might be important to fans who are on the fence about upgrading to a new generation of gaming console: exclusive titles, playable only on the new hardware. Speaking with in an interview published Friday, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said his company’s upcoming device — which, as of today, has its first official reveal event scheduled for next week — will have games you cannot play on existing Play[..]

Sony announces PS5 event for June 4th

Sony is officially confirming its next PlayStation 5 event will be held on Thursday, June 4th. The event will begin at 4PM ET / 1PM PT, and Sony is promising “a look at the future of gaming on PlayStation 5.” It will run for “a bit more than an hour,” and feature “a first look at the games you’ll be playing after PlayStation 5 launches this holiday,” according to Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. “The games coming to PS5 represent the best in the industry from innovative studios[..]

Hyundai and Sony's new deal could see Spider-Man in a Santa Fe - Roadshow

Expect Hyundai's tech to appear in a variety of Sony Pictures flicks over the next few years.

Xbox Series X backwards compatibility – Microsoft reveals how it works

Microsoft claims that the Xbox Series X will be the 'most compatible' next-gen console – here's why.

10 Amazon deals you can only get if you’re a Prime member

BGR Deals has already covered so many of the best Amazon deals today, but there are even more bargains available to certain people only. We all know an Amazon Prime membership will get you free express shipping on millions of items, but there's also a special Just for Prime deals page filled with sales that are exclusively available to Prime subscribers. There are plenty of great deals available for Prime members right now, and we've rounded up the 10 best Prime-exclusive deals of the day right here. Visit [..]

Best TV 2020: 10 big-screen TVs worth buying in Australia this year

Can't decide which TV to buy? Our guide to the best TVs in 2020 can help point you in the right direction.

Sony Is Planning a PS5 Conference For As Early As Next Week

Sony is planning a digital event to showcase games for its next-generation PlayStation 5 that may take place as early as next week, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter. Bloomberg reports: The virtual event could be held June 3, though some people also cautioned that plans have been in flux and that the date may change. Other PlayStation 5 events may follow in the coming weeks and months, and Sony is not expected to reveal every essential detail on the console during its first presentatio[..]

Sony Is Planning a PS5 Conference For As Early As Next Week

Sony is planning a digital event to showcase games for its next-generation PlayStation 5 that may take place as early as next week, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter. Bloomberg reports: The virtual event could be held June 3, though some people also cautioned that plans have been in flux and that the date may change. Other PlayStation 5 events may follow in the coming weeks and months, and Sony is not expected to reveal every essential detail on the console during its first presentatio[..]

PS5 games reveal event could happen next week, says report

You won't have to wait long for PS5 games to get a full reveal, based on this latest report.

PS5 launch might happen as soon as next week – here’s how we know

Sony recently updated the PS5 landing page on its website with a list of the console's standout features, perhaps hinting at a reveal in the coming days. Rumors have suggested that Sony plans to reveal the design of the PS5 in early June. Mounting evidence seems to be pointing to a major PS5 event within the next few weeks. The long wait that PlayStation fans have endured for the reveal of the PS5 might finally be coming to an end. This week, Sony updated the PlayStation 5 landing page on its website for th[..]

Xbox Series X is a powerhouse but videos don't do it justice, says Xbox boss

Xbox Series X will take advantage of higher frame rates and lower input latency, but the benefits won't be noticeable over video.

Sony launches new 4K Bravia TVs in India

Sony has announced two brand new 4K series in India. Under the new series, the company is having as many as nine smart TVs running on Android TV OS.

Amazon SG headphone sale includes Sony's WH-1000XM3 and more of our favourites

Amazon Singapore has discounted a range of top-notch headphones, get in before the sale ends on May 31.

Sony patents AI soundtrack generator that adapts game music to your emotions

Sony has filed a patent for a soundtrack generator that matches music to a gamer’s emotions, sparking speculation that the tech could find its way into the PlayStation 5. The patent, which was first spotted by Gaming Intel, describes an AI-powered system that adapts background music to game scenarios and a player’s activity. The feature maps emotions such as tension, joy, and fear to musical components including rhythm, melodic structure, and harmonic density, based on published reviews and social media opi[..]

Sony’s first PS5 game reveal could be June 3rd

Image: Sony Sony is reportedly planning a PlayStation 5 game event for June 3rd. Bloomberg reports that Sony’s virtual event is tentatively planned for next week but that “plans have been in flux and that the day may change.” Sony is said to be focusing on games for this PS5 event and is not expected to “reveal every essential detail” on the console during the first event. Further events are planned in the coming weeks and months, much like how rival Microsoft has been trickling out information about its Xb[..]

Phone Comparisons: OnePlus 8 Pro vs OPPO Find X2 Pro

We're here to compare the OnePlus 8 Pro vs OPPO Find X2 Pro. This will make for a rather interesting comparison. Why is that? Well, not only are these two devices the best OnePlus and OPPO have to offer, but they're also cousins, in a way. Both OnePlus and OPPO are owned by BBK Electronics, [...] Read More... The post Phone Comparisons: OnePlus 8 Pro vs OPPO Find X2 Pro appeared first on Android Headlines.

This massive PlayStation VR bundle is seeing price cuts across the US and UK

This PlayStation VR bundle is offering five free games at a stunning price cut this week.

Realme X3 SuperZoom Is Official With 120Hz Display & Periscope Camera

The latest Realme smartphone to get announced is the X3 SuperZoom. This is actually a really well-specced smartphone, it can even be considered a flagship. We'll talk about its specs in a minute, let's first focus on the design. The device is made out of metal and glass. Its bezels are quite thin, though its [...] Read More... The post Realme X3 SuperZoom Is Official With 120Hz Display & Periscope Camera appeared first on Android Headlines.

XRSpace VR headset wants to make Ready Player One’s virtual world a reality

But is the time right for a new VR headset?

Don’t underestimate the PS5 and Xbox Series X SSD, says Mortal Kombat creator

Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon believes the true power of PS5 and Xbox Series X lies in consoles' SSDs.

‘Call of Duty: WWII’ will be free on PS Plus starting tomorrow

Sony announced on Monday that Call of Duty: WWII will be one of the free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers in June. Typically, the monthly selection of games goes free on the first Tuesday of the month, but Call of Duty: WWII will be free to download for PS Plus subscribers starting this Tuesday. Sony says it will reveal additional details about the monthly lineup for June later this week. Ever since Sony stopped giving away PS3 and Vita games as part of its monthly offering for PlayStation Plus users,[..]

Sony's AI-created PS5 soundtracks could react to your playstyle and emotions

Sony's newest patent shows plans to use biometric data to track how you react to games, and adjust its music accordingly

Sony's ZV-1 is a vlogger-focused take on the RX100

As it teased, Sony is going all-in on vlogging with the ZV-1, a video-centric compact that fuses features form the popular RX100 V and RX100 VII cameras. It has a 20-megapixel 1-inch sensor that’s big enough to deliver decently blurred backgrounds, a...

‘Call of Duty: WWII’ is the next free PS Plus game, and it arrives tomorrow

Perhaps bearing in mind that many PS4 players are looking for more ways to kill time until The Last of Us Part II finally drops next month, Sony is releasing its next free PS Plus title a bit early. And it’s a pretty big one -- subscribers can snag C...

The Sony ZV-1 is a tiny vlogging powerhouse

Sony Sony has officially announced the ZV-1, a compact camera designed specifically for shooting video. Even more specifically than that, it’s designed for vlogging. It’s based on essentially the same core as the popular RX100 point-and-shoot camera line, but optimized for video with a few features that will appeal to people who regularly need to shoot footage of themselves. The Sony ZV-1 will retail for $799.99 but will have an intro price of $749.99 through June 28th. It should begin shipping on June 11th[..]

How the first Apple over-ear headphones could beat the Sony WH-1000XM3

The Apple AirPods Studio are rumored to launch in 2020 – but will they ever beat the Sony WH-1000XM3?

Future AirPods could feature light sensors for better health monitoring

Supply chain sources say that Apple is considering fitting ambient light sensors into future earbuds.

Sony Xperia 1 II Wallpapers Are Now Available To Download

Official wallpapers from the Sony Xperia 1 II are now available to download. You can see all those wallpapers in the gallery down below. Do note that those wallpapers are not in their original resolution. We've compressed those, as they're only supposed to offer you a visual representation of what you can get if you [...] Read More... The post Sony Xperia 1 II Wallpapers Are Now Available To Download appeared first on Android Headlines.