JB Hi-Fi Australia is officially selling Xiaomi and Vivo smartphones in Australia

Australian debut of Xiaomi phones includes three handsets, and similarly Vivo has brought two new budget models.

All 84 startups from Y Combinator’s S19 Demo Day 1

It’s that time of year, Silicon Valley’s investor technocrati and advice-giving Twitter celebrities descended upon Pier 48 in San Francisco to judge the latest summer batch of Y Combinator startups. TechCrunch was there, as well, and we were tapping away feverishly as co-founders pitched to woo investors. There are 197 companies in total in the […]

Canon EOS 90D official marketing video leaked, confirming rumored specs

There's truth to the rumors about a new Canon DSLR thanks to the discovery of the official promo video of the EOS 90D.

Public Mobile Gets Rebranded with New Logo and Tagline, “We’re For You”

Telus prepaid brand Public Mobile has undergone a new change, gaining a new visual identity and more.

You Can Play The Gears Of War Funko POP Game This Thursday

You can play the Gears Of War Funko POP game this Thursday if you've been waiting to take it for a test drive. The official Gears POP! Twitter has confirmed the game's release date as of this morning, having made the announcement for its launch official during the Xbox Gamescom press conference. Microsoft's Gears Of [...] Read More... The post You Can Play The Gears Of War Funko POP Game This Thursday appeared first on Android Headlines.

Google quietly killed a service that used Android phone data to help mobile carriers improve their networks

Google may have never told you that it stopped sharing data from your Android devices with your mobile service providers months ago, just like it didn't tell you when it started sharing that data in the first place. Reuters reports that Google provided anonymized, aggregated data about signal strength and connection speeds to carriers. In turn, the operators could use the data to detect weak spots in their networks and perform upgrades and improvements. It sounds great on paper, and like something everyone [..]

[Infographic] Experience the Galaxy Note10’s Premium Display

The visual language has become an essential element of today’s mobile communication. Designed to bring passion to your life, the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+’s

This hand-tracking algorithm could lead to sign language recognition

Millions of people communicate using sign language, but so far projects to capture its complex gestures and translate them to verbal speech have had limited success. A new advance in real-time hand tracking from Google’s AI labs, however, could be the breakthrough some have been waiting for. The new technique uses a few clever shortcuts […]

Stadia Founder's Edition Is Almost Sold Out In "Some" Countries

Stadia Founder's Edition bundles are already almost sold out in "some" countries, but Google fails to mention which. This is according to the Stadia team's Ray Bautista. He said as much during the Stadia Connect livestream that happened this morning. If this feels like a little bit of a nudge to get you to buy, [...] Read More... The post Stadia Founder's Edition Is Almost Sold Out In "Some" Countries appeared first on Android Headlines.

The 2018 Apple iPad Pro Wi-Fi tablet gets a huge $124 discount on Amazon

If you have been holding off on buying the Apple iPad Pro because of its price, now is the time. The best tablet for 2019 gets a $124 discount on Amazon today. This deal is more affordable than the one we previously found.

Prediction: Netflix will confirm ‘Stranger Things 4’ by the end of August

In the weeks since Stranger Things 3 premiered on Netflix back on July 4, the internet has been awash in theories and predictions about both what happened -- Hopper! (sob) -- and what will happen next. They range from the possibility that Eleven will be the bad guy in the upcoming season, as we’ve seen many people speculate, and whether the series will move outside the town of Hawkins for the first time. Meanwhile, here’s another prediction to have some fun with -- a guess for when Netflix will get around t[..]

Survios at Gamescom 2019: Westworld Awakening, Battlewake Release Date

Gamescom 2019 has kicked off in full, and with that comes a host of new video game announcements. First up is Survios, with the unveiling of Westworld Awakening, a release date for Battlewake, and a brand new music pack and Oculus Quest release of Electronauts. Westworld is a trip and a half, and if you've [...] Read More... The post Survios at Gamescom 2019: Westworld Awakening, Battlewake Release Date appeared first on Android Headlines.

DIY Geiger Counter is Sure to Generate Clicks

On the outside, a Geiger counter seems like a complicated thing. And you might think a device that detects a dangerous, mostly invisible threat like radiation should be complicated. But they’re actually pretty simple. The Geiger-Muller tube does most of the work, which boils down to detecting brief moments of …read more

Who are the major revenue-based investing VCs?

So you’re interested in raising capital from a Revenue-Based Investor VC. Which VCs are comfortable using this approach? A new wave of Revenue-Based Investors ("RBI") are emerging...

Revenue-based investing: A new option for founders who care about control

Does the traditional VC financing model make sense for all companies? Absolutely not. VC Josh Kopelman makes the analogy of jet fuel vs. motorcycle fuel. VCs sell jet fuel which works well for jets...

Porsche is integrating Apple Music into the all-electric Taycan

Porsche said Monday it will integrate Apple Music into its upcoming all-electric Taycan sports car, the first time the music streaming service has been offered as a standalone app within a vehicle. The announcement illustrates the latest efforts by Porsche to focus on digital entertainment in its vehicles as well as its further alignment with […]

The five technical challenges Cerebras overcame in building the first trillion transistor chip

Superlatives abound at Cerebras, the until-today stealthy next-generation silicon chip company looking to make training a deep learning model as quick as buying toothpaste from Amazon. Launching after almost three years of quiet development, Cerebras introduced its new chip today — and it is a doozy. The “Wafer Scale Engine” is 1.2 trillion transistors (the […]

LA-based Brainbase raises $3 million for its intellectual property licensing management tech

It’s been nearly a century since Walt Disney first introduced Mickey Mouse to the world. In the ensuing decades, Disney, and the mythmakers of Hollywood have churned out storytelling franchises that are worth billions. But the ways in which many of these mythmaking houses have kept track on the various characters they’ve come up with, […]

Disney+ will support each of these platforms and devices at launch

We're just a few months out from the launch of the Disney+ streaming service, which might be the most dangerous threat to Netflix's supremacy to date. In addition to featuring every Disney and Pixar animated movie ever made, the service will also be home to the Star Wars and Marvel franchises, as well as original TV shows set in those fictional universes. And as of today, we know all of the devices and platforms that Disney+ will support. In a press release, Disney confirmed that Disney+ will launch in Cana[..]

Razer Phone Android 9 Pie Update Rolled Out & Then Paused

Owners of the original Razer Phone should finally start seeing Android 9 Pie update soon following reports that the company rolled out the firmware earlier today before pausing it. According to widespread reports, the update was halted due to a relatively minor bug. The update was and is expected to bring a plethora of changes [...] Read More... The post Razer Phone Android 9 Pie Update Rolled Out & Then Paused appeared first on Android Headlines.

Segway-Ninebot’s new scooter drives to its docking station for a recharge

At an event in Beijing last week, Chinese scooter company Segway-Ninebot Group unveiled a trio of new products. The most compelling of the bunch was no doubt the KickScooter T60, which harnesses AI to drive itself back to the charging station. The company says it will start piloting the products next quarter, with a timeline […]

Rogers Blames CRTC for $140 Million Impact on Q3 Due to Wholesale Rates Decision

Rogers has come out blaming the CRTC for impacting its current Q3 by $140 million.

Apple Arcade will reportedly set you back just $5 a month

A new report offers more details about Apple’s rather opaque plans for its game subscription service, Arcade. If the details are accurate, an Arcade subscription could be one of the more cost-effective gaming plans out there. According to a report from 9to5Mac, Arcade will cost subscribers $4.99 a month after the initial free trial period. It’ll also be available to every member on a Family Sharing account. There will also be a free trial. The alleged price of the subscription is fairly competitive with oth[..]

Tests show carriers throttle video playback all the time, regardless of network congestion

Carriers have a nasty habit of throttling video playback on mobile devices to avoid network congestion. You might hate it, but it has to happen, according to them, for the good of everyone using devices on said network. But a brand new study shows these operators will slow down video even when there's no congestion. Researchers from Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst conducted no less than 650,000 tests in the US from early 2018 to early 2019. They discovered that AT&T throt[..]

Freedom Mobile Testing LTE in Courtenay-Comox, Campbell River, Kamloops

Shaw's Freedom Mobile has announced it is now testing its LTE network in more parts of B.C.

Twitter announces complete advertising ban on state-run media outlets

Twitter earlier today announced it’s banned more than 900 accounts purported to be linked to a China-sponsored disinformation campaign against the citizens of Hong Kong, now it’s extending its policies to ban advertising from all state-sponsored news sources globally. The ban will encompass any news-media organization found to be “financially or editorially controlled by the state.” Cue the jokes about CNN and Fox News from their respective political detractors. The blog post announcing the ban states: We a[..]

Men’s personal care startup Huron raises $1M

Huron founder and CEO Matt Mullenax is hoping to build a big business around body wash. “For us, the broader mission is A+ personal care for guys everywhere — not just guys in New York or guys in the Bay Area or guys in Los Angeles,” he said. The startup has raised $1 million in […]

Baidu beats estimates on strong video streaming growth

Chinese technology group Baidu on Monday posted a revenue of 26.33 billion yuan ($3.73 billion) for the quarter that ended in June, beating analysts’ estimates of 25.77 billion yuan ($3.65 billion) as its video streaming service iQiyi continues to see strong growth. The 19-year-old firm’s shares were up more than 9% in extended trading. The […]

Shaw Flash Sale: Internet 300 for $60/month, Plus $250 in Bill Credits

Shaw has launched a new sale on Internet 300 for new customers.

The True Cost Of An AT&T TV Subscription

AT&T launched AT&T TV today. With a new service now here, it is worth taking a moment to be aware of how much AT&T TV costs. The true AT&T TV cost. AT&T TV comes with HBO, CINEMAX, SHOWTIME and STARZ for free. That's the good news. Well, free for a limited time as the free access [...] Read More... The post The True Cost Of An AT&T TV Subscription appeared first on Android Headlines.

Nintendo’s official Switch charging stand is only $16.50 right now, its lowest price yet

If you have a Nintendo Switch that you use most often as a portable video game console, you know that it's a pain in the butt to go back to the dock every time it needs to be charged. Nintendo knows it too, and that's why it makes the Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand. It's normally $20 and it's worth every penny, but it just dropped to a new all-time low of $16.50 on Amazon. Definitely take this opportunity to get one now while you can save a few bucks! Here are the bullet points from the product p[..]

YC’s latest VR bet is a team building a cyberpunk anime MMO

There are niche startups and then there are VR companies going after fans of the “cyberpunk fantasy anime aesthetic.” Ramen VR is one of only a few virtual reality startups that Y Combinator has bet on in the past few years and is only one of two in the company’s most recent batch of bets. […]

macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta 6 Download Hits Developers

Apple has released a new beta of macOS Catalina 10.15 beta 6 for developers.

What’s Coming to Crave in September 2019 [LIST]

Here's what's coming to Bell Media's Crave in September 2019.

NASA needs your help to deliver cargo to its lunar Gateway

NASA is inching closer to its return to the Moon, but its push to send crewed missions to the lunar surface is really just the start of a much larger initiative. A space station orbiting the Moon, which NASA calls the Gateway, will ultimately serve as a jumping-off point for crewed trips to the Moon's surface and eventually Mars, and NASA needs your help to ensure it remains stocked with supplies. The space agency just sent out a request for proposals from American companies to come up with solutions for se[..]

ULA tapped to launch Astrobotic’s lunar lander to the Moon in 2021

The United Launch Alliance (ULA) has been chosen to launch the lunar lander of one of the companies chosen by NASA for its commercial lunar payload program. ULA will deliver Astrobotic’s Peregrine lander to the Moon in 2021, the companies announced today. Peregrine will fly aboard ULA’s Vulcan Centaur rocket, taking off from Space Launch […]

Your Older Chromebook, Chromebox, Or Chromebase Will Run Linux Soon

The ability to use Linux on a Chromebook is going to be the norm from this year forward but now at least eight much older devices are gaining that capability too. Code changes associated with the change were first spotted under the 'KernelNext' project codename earlier this year. But that change is now rolling out [...] Read More... The post Your Older Chromebook, Chromebox, Or Chromebase Will Run Linux Soon appeared first on Android Headlines.

Walmart drops $150 off the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 with S Pen included

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5-inch Tablet with S Pen is available in 64GB and 256GB models and Walmart is giving $150 off to both variants, selling it now for $498 and $598, respectively.

RYU’s line of backpacks offer style and function for exploring the city or weekends away

Yes, it’s Bag Week, where we celebrate all the best bags of the year here at TechCrunch. And there is little more satisfying than finding a basic black one that’s functional, stylish and unique. Luckily, Canadian urban athletic apparel maker RYU makes three such bags, and while each one has its own particular appeal depending […]

Kojima tries to explain Death Stranding's babies at Gamescom 2019

If you thought babies hanging out in Norman Reedus' esophagus was weird, wait til you hear about Bridge Babies.

Keep your Apple Watch looking shiny and new with this $8 crystal clear case

The Apple Watch isn’t just the best-selling smartwatch out there right now, it’s also the best-looking smartwatch according to most Apple fans. Of course, it’s also made either of aluminum or stainless steel, both of which are prone to scuffs and scratches if left unprotected. If you want your sleek new Apple Watch Series 4 to stay looking as great as it does, definitely pick up a Smiling Clear Case for Apple Watch Series 4 right now on Amazon. Here’s the scoop from the product page: This case fit for Apple[..]

Here's The List Of Disney+ Supported Devices: Android TV Is Included

Disney provided additional details about its new Disney+ streaming service today. This included a rundown of the devices the service will be accessible on. From the Android perspective, those interested in subscribing to Disney+ will be able to access the service on pretty much any Android device, including Android TV. The announcement specifically mentions Sony-branded [...] Read More... The post Here's The List Of Disney+ Supported Devices: Android TV Is Included appeared first on Android Headlines.

Nintendo’s rumored exchange program for new Switch models with better battery life isn’t real

For most Nintendo Switch owners, if there was one thing they could change about the console, it would probably be the battery life. The standard Switch model could only last 2.5 to 6.5 hours on a single charge, but the updated model that Nintendo unveiled in July improves upon that number significantly. If you buy a Switch with model number HAC-001(-01), you can expect 4.5 to 9 hours of battery life before having to plug the console back in. As the console started to make its way on to store shelves around [..]

TikTok’s new ‘Hashtag Challenge Plus’ lets video viewers shop for products in the app

TikTok, the short-form video platform favored by young adults and teens, has launched a new feature that allows users to shop for products associated with a sponsored Hashtag Challenge, without leaving its app. These sponsored challenges are Gen Z-friendly marketing campaigns where users are prompted to post videos of them using a product — like […]

How malformed packets caused CenturyLink’s 37-hour, nationwide outage

FCC blasts CenturyLink for December 2018 outage but issues no punishment.

Take Full Advantage of the Oculus Quest with Space Pirate Arena

Space Pirate Arena is here to show Oculus Quest owners why wireless freedom is the best reason to own an Oculus Quest. This is the main selling point of the product over something like an Oculus Rift or a PlayStation VR, after all. In fact, there's no VR headset on the market that can do [...] Read More... The post Take Full Advantage of the Oculus Quest with Space Pirate Arena appeared first on Android Headlines.

Hurry, and you can get a popular $120 Logitech Harmony remote for $40

Amazon is packed full of discounts on just about every type of product you can imagine, and that obviously includes universal remotes. When it comes to the wildly popular Logitech Harmony line though, they’re still pretty expensive even with big discounts. Every once in a while you come across a particularly great deal though, and that’s exactly what’s happening right now with the Logitech Harmony 650 10-Device Universal Remote. This fantastic remote retails for $120, but you can pick up a refurb right now [..]

Astronomers Just Drastically Narrowed the Search for Alien Life

Scientists may have been looking for extraterrestrial life in all the wrong places. Astronomers were just able to rule out an entire class of exoplanets because a new study found that they are extremely unlikely to have an atmosphere thick enough to support life, if they have one at all. The research, published Monday in […] The post Astronomers Just Drastically Narrowed the Search for Alien Life appeared first on Futurism.

The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch may mean I finally play the DLC

After almost 100 hours in the world of The Witcher 3, I may have to return for it on Nintendo Switch.

Old Chainsaw Repurposed For Kitchen Use

There are many ways to keep critical appliances running during a power outage. Maybe a UPS for a computer, a set of solar panels to charge your phone, or even a generator to keep your refrigerator or air conditioning working. This modification to a standard blender will also let you …read more