Samsung Foldable Phones Tipped To Sport Ultra-Thin Glass In The Future

ETNews reports that Samsung's ultra-thin glass (UTG) supplier DOWOO INSYS is planning to ramp up operations. Apparently, the expansion plans are in line with the South Korean company's intentions of popularizing the foldable form factor. The Galaxy Fold has a plastic screen cover that is ridiculously easy to scratch. Thus, for the upcoming Samsung foldable [...] Read More... The post Samsung Foldable Phones Tipped To Sport Ultra-Thin Glass In The Future appeared first on Android Headlines.

Indonesia’s Travelio raises $18M to help tenants rent apartments

More than 50% of residential apartments and other real estate properties in Jakarta are currently vacant, according to official estimates. A startup that is attempting to make it easier for tenants to rent these properties in Jakarta and other places in Indonesia said on Thursday that it has closed a new financing round. Travelio has […]

The internet’s newest obsession is this adorable dog with a tail growing from his face

The golden retriever puppy named Narwhal who was found and is being cared for by Missouri-based rescue service Mac's Mission is one of the most extraordinarily cute canines you'll ever see. That's not hyperbole -- it's thanks to the fact that this good boy has a tail growing from his face, which is why he was given the name of a whale that has a tusk extending from the canine tooth. The rescue service found Narwhal, who's since become an Internet sensation, after he'd been wandering around in freezing cold [..]

Peltier Device Experiments

Once an exotic component, solid state heat pumps or Peltier devices are now pretty mainstream. The idea is simple: put electricity through a Peltier device and one side gets hot while the other side gets cold. [DroneBot] recently posted a video showing how these cool — really cool — devices …read more

Olympus rumored to shutter its camera business – here's why we think it won't

After 100 years in the business, Olympus has learnt a thing or two about resilience.

Facebook fixed that bug that opened your camera without permission

It was just yesterday we reported on a disconcerting bug in Facebook’s iOS app that would sometimes open your camera in the background while scrolling through your feed. It appears Facebook has fixed the bug; The Verge reports the updated version of the App is now available in the App Store. As a recap, users found out Facebook was opening the camera in the background due to a bug that shows the camera feed in a tiny sliver on the left side of your screen when you open a photo in the app and swipe down. We [..]

Nobody knows what’s creating oxygen on Mars

NASA's Curiosity rover returned some seriously surprising data to Earth earlier this year, with readings of elevated methane levels that were hard to explain. Subsequent tests attempted to pin down the cause of the higher-than-expected readings but scientists have yet to come up with a definitive answer. Now, as questions about methane continue to swirl, scientists studying the behavior of gasses on Mars have noticed that oxygen on the Red Planet also acts much differently than it does on Earth. The observa[..]

November 14: Computer Dealer Exhibition – COMDEX

During the 80’s and 90’s, there was a little show called COMDEX. It stood for Computer Dealer Exhibition. For a while, there were 2 versions: The Spring COMDEX (Alternating for a while between Altanta and Chicago) and the Fall COMDEX (Las Vegas). The show was attended by many and there were vendors galore. I remember […]

Breach affecting 1 million was caught only after hacker maxed out target’s storage

Hacker's data archive file grew so big that the target's hard drive ran out of space.

John Carmack steps down at Oculus to pursue AI passion project ‘before I get too old’

Legendary coder John Carmack is leaving Facebook's Oculus to focus on a personal project — no less than the creation of Artificial General Intelligence, or "Strong AI." He'll remain attached to the company in a "Consulting CTO" position, but will be spending all his time working on, perhaps, the AI that finally surpasses and destroys humanity.

How Crypto Assets Are Capturing the Attention Economy

Human attention is a finite resource: we awake each day with it replenished, only for it to seep away through work, leisure, and time frittered idly browsing the web while circumventing ads. Recognizing the scarcity of maintaining human interest, attention economists have devised incentivized systems powered by crypto assets. These reward engagement and turn idle […] The post How Crypto Assets Are Capturing the Attention Economy appeared first on Bitcoin News.

Messaging app Wire confirms $8.2M raise, responds to privacy concerns after moving holding company to the US

Big changes are afoot for Wire, an enterprise-focused end-to-end encrypted messaging app and service that advertises itself as “the most secure collaboration platform”. In February, Wire quietly raised $8.2 million from Morpheus Ventures and others, we’ve confirmed — the first funding amount it has ever disclosed — and alongside that external financing, it moved its […]

Tracker-blocking browser Brave comes out of beta

After almost 4 years of being in beta, Brave 1.0 launches for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

Netflix will fight back against Disney+ by teaming up with Nickelodeon

In the short term, it's hard to imagine any streaming service making a dent in Netflix's enormous market share, but in the months and years to come, consumers are going to have to choose which subscriptions they're willing to pay for, and which they're willing to give up. In an effort to avoid becoming expendable, Netflix has made plenty of notable deals with content creators over the years, and its latest could be another huge success. On Wednesday, Netflix and Nickelodeon announced that they have formed a[..]

Google Play Credits & Gift Cards Will Work For Stadia Game Purchases

Today's Stadia AMA just keeps on giving, as Beri Lee notes you can use Google Play gift cards for game purchases. It doesn't stop there though. You'll also be able to use Google Play Credits for those same game purchases. Yes, the very same Google Play Credits that you can earn through the Rewards app. If you're [...] Read More... The post Google Play Credits & Gift Cards Will Work For Stadia Game Purchases appeared first on Android Headlines.

Is Disney+ Password Sharing Allowed from My Account?

Disney's CEO and streaming services executive clarifies its position on password sharing.

Disney+ Already Flying High With More Than 10 Million Subscribers

Disney+ already has more than 10 million subscribers. This is in spite of the service only having been available for one day and still limited to select countries. The number beats previous expectations signalling the service will continue to see rapid growth as it expands to more places. Disney+ outdoing already high expectations Disney+ was [...] Read More... The post Disney+ Already Flying High With More Than 10 Million Subscribers appeared first on Android Headlines.

Microsoft wants to bring 64-bit apps to ARM laptops too

Microsoft has been pushing ARM compatibility in Windows hard the last few years. Case in point: The Surface Pro X – the company’s fanciest new product of the year – runs on a custom ARM chip. But the architecture so common in our mobile devices has always been beleaguered by one issue on Windows: it can’t run traditional 64-bit apps. A new report by Neowin suggests Microsoft plans to change this. Citing “several sources,” the report claims Microsoft is working hard to bring x64 app emulation to Windows on A[..]

Southwest has flights as low as $39 through Friday, if you want to escape to somewhere warm

The US is suffering through a serious cold snap at the moment, one that the National Weather Service says will likely break over 100 low-temperature records. It's the kind of thing that might make some travelers long for an escape to somewhere with much more reasonable temperatures -- somewhere comfortably warm, even, while Mother Nature continues to blanket the country with ice and dangerously cold weather. If you fall into that category, Southwest Airlines has got you covered with yet another nationwide f[..]

Here's Another Look At The New Moto Razr With A Foldable Display

If you've been eager to see more of the new Moto Razr with its folding screen panel, some new leaked images allow you to do just that. A new set of documents from the FCC seem to have revealed images of the upcoming device. They look exactly like the phone in previous leaks that have [...] Read More... The post Here's Another Look At The New Moto Razr With A Foldable Display appeared first on Android Headlines.

Anger over Pokémon Sword & Shield spurs a White House petition

Sword & Shield, the latest installment(s) in the venerable Pokémon series, has been the subject of no small amount of controversy. And now one fan’s passion and upset about the changes to the series have led one fan to make a petition to stop its sales to the White House — yes, that White House. Originally, the problem was that Sword & Shield would not have a National Dex, a feature whereby players could import their complete collection of Pokémon. Due to hardware limitations, this would apparently be impos[..]

This Arduino Keeps Its Eyes On You

[Will] wanted to build some animatronic eyes that didn’t require high-precision 3D printing. He wound up with a forgiving design that uses an Arduino and six servo motors. You can see the video of the eyes moving around in the video below. The bill of materials is pretty simple and …read more

Oracle Volunteers Focus on Education in August and September

For many of us as children, the anticipation of a new school year was filled with excitement—new teachers, new school supplies, new school clothes, and endless learning opportunities on the horizon—but not every child has what she or he needs to greet the new school year filled with optimism. According to UNESCO, an estimated 262 million children and youth around the world aren’t able to attend school, and many who do are not well-equipped to learn and succeed. Here at Oracle, we believe that education is t[..]

Google might be planning a move into banking

Google is in the early stages of creating its own checking accounts through a partnership with Citigroup and Stanford Federal Credit Union.

Looks Like Hulu Now Has More Live TV Subscribers Than Sling TV

Based on the number of subscribers, analysts are now predicting that Hulu has overtaken Sling TV. At the very least, the two are neck and neck with both understood to be hovering around 2.7 million subscribers each. The fourth quarter is now likely to prove pivotal in deciding which service ends 2019 with the most [...] Read More... The post Looks Like Hulu Now Has More Live TV Subscribers Than Sling TV appeared first on Android Headlines.

Japan’s asteroid probe is headed back to Earth, and it’s carrying precious cargo

The Japanese space program JAXA has accomplished a lot in 2019. After successfully guiding its asteroid probe Hayabusa2 to the space rock known as Ryugu in late 2018, the team of scientists working on the mission pulled off a number of potentially dangerous stunts, including firing projectiles at the asteroid in order to collect samples. The mission has seen its fair share of challenges, especially after it was revealed that Ryugu's surface was far rockier and debris-strewn than anyone could have guessed, b[..]

Apple Exec Clarifies Kids “Not Going to Succeed” with Chromebooks Comment

Earlier today in an interview with CNET, Phil Schiller talked about the new MacBook Pro keyboard and more.

How Climate Change is Clobbering Kids’ Health

Let’s pretend the 195 nations that signed the 2016 Paris Climate Accord really do take all of the steps necessary to reach the agreement’s key goal: limiting the increase in global temperature to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. In that world, any children born today would grow up to witness some happy milestones. If they lived…


Today, we are told that the bigness of Big Tech giants was inevitable: the result of "network effects." For example, once everyone you want to talk to is on Facebook, you can't be convinced to use another, superior service, because all the people you'd use that service to talk to are still on Facebook. And of course, those people also can't leave Facebook, because you're still there. But network effects were once a double-edge sword, one that could be wielded both by yesterday's Goliaths and today's Davids.[..]

Stadia Buddy Pass To Arrive About "Two Weeks" After Bundles

Wondering about your Stadia buddy pass and when it will show up in your email inbox? Wonder no longer, as it's now been confirmed to show up "about two weeks" after your Stadia bundle arrives. This and many other questions have been asked and answered over at the official Stadia subreddit. During the company's second [...] Read More... The post Stadia Buddy Pass To Arrive About "Two Weeks" After Bundles appeared first on Android Headlines.

T-Mobile Black Friday 2019 deals unveiled early, ahead of Friday launch

One of the items that may be on many consumers' shopping lists this holiday season is a new phone, something the major carriers will be scrambling to sell you in the weeks leading up to (and even after) Black Friday as the discounts, deals, and offers keep piling up for buyers to choose from. T-Mobile, which has been in the headlines in recent days over its pending merger with Sprint and for the various incentives it has been promising to try and get that deal over the finish line, has now stepped up to the[..]

Yep, Disney+ Even Works On Android TV's Forgotten Razer Forge TV

Disney+ has finally arrived and with it came support for a whole range of devices, including Android TV. Even the Android TV platform itself is extremely well supported. Something that's often not the case when a new video service launches. In fact, the problem doesn't end there either. Existing video services also often fail to [...] Read More... The post Yep, Disney+ Even Works On Android TV's Forgotten Razer Forge TV appeared first on Android Headlines.

SpaceX completes key Crew Dragon launch system static fire test

SpaceX has confirmed that it ran a static fire test of its Crew Dragon astronaut capsule launch escape system. That’s a key step that it needed to run, and one that is under especially high scrutiny because a static fire of its thrusters back in April resulted in an explosion that destroyed that spacecraft. After […]

Get a Free Teen Burger from the A&W Mobile App

If you're looking to get a free burger from A&W, hit up their iPhone app.

Cleer’s latest over-ear wireless headphones pack crazy 100-hour battery life

If you’re on the lookout for a new pair of headphones that offer great sound quality, a sleek design, and battery life that is out of this world, we have just the thing. You’ve got to check out the new Cleer Enduro 100 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, which are available right now on Amazon for about half what you’d pay for comparable headphones from the likes of Beats or Bose. The battery lasts for a ridiculous 100 hours per charge, which is more than enough for most people to go several weeks before needing[..]

AWS, Salesforce join forces with Linux Foundation on Cloud Information Model

Last year Adobe, SAP and Microsoft came together and formed the Open Data Initiative. Not to be outdone, this week AWS, Salesforce and Genesys in partnership with The Linux Foundation announced the Cloud Information Model. The two competing data models have a lot in common. They are both about bringing together data and applying a […]

Can't Download Disney+ On NVIDIA SHIELD TV Devices? Here's Why

Having issues downloading Disney+ on your new SHIELD TV device? Disney+ is now available to download and generally speaking, comes with broad Android TV support. That Android TV support naturally includes all SHIELD TV devices, including the all-new SHIELD TV and the SHIELD TV Pro. However, if you have had issues with downloading the Disney+ [...] Read More... The post Can't Download Disney+ On NVIDIA SHIELD TV Devices? Here's Why appeared first on Android Headlines.

Developer Demos Smart Card That Produces Bitcoin Cash Signatures

Software engineer Tobias Ruck has revealed a project he’s been working on that allows a smart card to produce valid BCH signatures. Ruck tweeted about his experiment to the crypto community and Bitcoin Cash proponents showed their excitement about the future of offline payments. Also read: Walk Like Nakamoto: 7 Anonymous Personalities in the Crypto […] The post Developer Demos Smart Card That Produces Bitcoin Cash Signatures appeared first on Bitcoin News.

Phil Schiller says Chromebooks are a ‘cheap testing tool’ that don’t help kids succeed

Apple today introduced a brand new 16-inch MacBook Pro that, at long last, fixes the horrid butterfly keyboard design that plagued previous models. The new notebook, which starts at $2,399, also boasts slimmer bezels, a higher resolution display, improved speakers, and the re-introduction of a physical Escape key. All in all, it's an intriguing and solid update that has long been overdue. In conjunction with today's MacBook Pro unveiling, Apple executive Phil Schiller sat down with CNET for a far-reaching i[..]

The top three Disney Plus titles we’re watching right now

In a world where Disney, Fox, and Lucasfilm properties exist on one platform, here are our top three picks of what to start with.

Motorola Razr 2019 launch live blog

Later today, Motorola is launching its first foldable phone and it's expected to be a reworking of a classic.

A Deebot 601 robot vacuum for $218 with a free Echo Dot is one of the hottest deals on Amazon

The ECOVACS DEEBOT 601 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a shockingly good robot vacuum for a model that sells for around $300. It has strong suction, great traction on hard flooring and low-pile carpet, and plenty of great features like Alexa support. It's on sale right now on Amazon for just $217.94, which is already a fantastic price for this model, but Amazon decided to sweeten the pot even more ahead of Black Friday 2019. Grab one now while supplies last and Amazon will toss in a $50 Echo Dot for free! Here's [..]

Google Officially Confirms The Stadia Controller Phone Mount

The phone mount for the Stadia controller is official. This is according to a confirmation from Andrey Doronichev, Stadia's director of product management. Dubbed "The Claw," Doronichev says during the official Stadia AMA that it was time to announce something "new & cool." Up till now, There hasn't been much new stuff for Stadia announced [...] Read More... The post Google Officially Confirms The Stadia Controller Phone Mount appeared first on Android Headlines.

This Xbox One X Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Bundle Is A Steal

Google Shopping currently has a pretty insane deal on the Xbox One X Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Bundle. It's currently just $347.40. And you won't see it any cheaper when Black Friday comes in around in about two weeks time. It's currently listed on Google Shopping for $499, but if you use the promo [...] Read More... The post This Xbox One X Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Bundle Is A Steal appeared first on Android Headlines.

Freshworks raises $150M Series H on $3.5B valuation

Freshworks, a company that makes a variety of business software tools, from CRM to help-desk software, announced a $150 million Series H investment today from Sequoia Capital, CapitalG (formerly Google Capital) and Accel on a hefty $3.5 billion valuation. The late-stage startup has raised almost $400 million, according to Crunchbase data. The company has been […]

Watch the first clips of Marvel’s new Disney+ series ‘What If…?’

Disney+ launched this week with hundreds of movies and shows, as well as a selection of original content, but if there was anything missing from the huge launch slate, it was an original Marvel series. Marvel has already revealed more than half a dozen shows that will air exclusively on Disney+, but none were ready in time for the rollout of the new streaming service. In fact, it will be close to a year before any of them debut. The good news is that we did get a taste of what's to come in the short documen[..]

Google Details Assistant Interaction On Stadia From Day One

During today's official Stadia AMA on Reddit Google has explained some of the Assistant interaction with the platform. While it can't necessarily detail everything Assistant will be able to do, it has noted a few key features. According to Andrey Doronichev, some of those will be coming down the road. Meanwhile, other features are going [...] Read More... The post Google Details Assistant Interaction On Stadia From Day One appeared first on Android Headlines.

Extra Crunch members get free Zendesk for 6 months

We’re excited to announce a new Extra Crunch community perk from Zendesk. Starting today, annual and two-year Extra Crunch members that are new to Zendesk and located within the U.S. or Canada can receive a credit for six months of unlimited licenses for any combination of Zendesk Support, Talk, Chat, Guide and Sell products, for […]

ZoneAlarm hit in data breach

One of ZoneAlarm's web forums was breached due to the fact that the company did not update its vBulletin software.

The Samsung Chromebook 4+ is $40 off on Amazon and Best Buy before Black Friday

If you want a new laptop while on a budget, the Samsung Chromebook 4+ is a great option. Buy this affordable notebook for $40 less on Amazon and Best Buy before Black Friday.